A Month of Fridays 12

Quick tip: Do not answer while asleep.

Granted, it was January so having Santa still in mind is one thing and, I suppose, saying that the commercial only showed white students could have combined in his sleepy head but… it was just such a bizarre response. And I didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep until he spoke. Where does that sleeping sitting up skill come from?

A Good Line is Hard to Find

(tip of the hat to Doemain for the generic-talk speech bubble idea, works so well when the actual conversation isn’t as important as the fact that there was one)

Todd’s not much of a talker, in general, though he does warm up over time 🙂 Partially to balance it out, partially out of nerves I really did do most of the talking. I asked questions like a good datee should but, well, we were still getting used to each other face-to-face so I chattered on like a magpie for a couple of hours. Until I started feeling self-conscious about it, that is. After that line (which wouldn’t be recorded if it hadn’t worked), there wasn’t much talking for a while 😉

This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com

This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com