I Got a Monster in the Mail!

And not just any monster, a purple monster.

And not just any purple monster, this monster represents the achievement of a Big Hairy Audacious Goal letters!

BHAG and Chef George hanging out in my office

BHAG and Chef George hanging out in my office

I received BHAG (or Mr BHAGgy, as I like to call him) from Nicole Fende, the Numbers Whisperer, a friend and client of mine, for finishing the Big Project: What to Feed Your Raiding Party youtube videoen. Nicole received him from Tea Silvestre, The Word Chef, who had him made and sent him out into the world to reward and encourage others to achieve their very own Big Hairy Audacious Goals word dokument herunterladen gratis.

Now that Mr. BHAGgy has spent some time with us, I’ll be on the look-out for the next worthy recipient. Have you done something Big, Hairy AND Audacious lately videos von youtubeen auf smartphone? Let me know!

Now, then, with Mr. BHAGgy and Chef George looking over my shoulder every night, it’s been a bit tough to go back to the pre-book status quo herunterladen von ard mediathek. And this past weekend I realized just why it felt like pulling teeth, trying to get that week’s comics put together: I’m not in love with the format anymore windows 7 professional 64 bit german free. I don’t have a problem with a weekly schedule–I blog 5 times a week. No, it’s not the schedule–at least not only the schedule–it’s how much time those strips tie up when things aren’t clicking spiele pc herunterladen bewertung. And how much time there just isn’t if I were to be faced with a killer opportunity or have a wild hair that needs straightening right that moment (metaphorically speaking, of course) windows movie maker 2018 kostenlos.

So, effective immediately, Cocktail Hour as we knew it is done. I’ll still use it for odd one-shots here and there, but a weekly schedule is out the window shared icloud photos. For now, Where the Geeks Are is going to stay the same, though I anticipate a change in format somewhere down the line. Right now I’m about halfway through the Sophie’s Tale chapter, and when that comes to a close decide what changes would be best for it windows 7 ultimate german free full version. Probably doing away with the twice-weekly 4-panel strip in favor of page layouts and possibly a downloadable chapter at a time instead of regular updates. This is just me thinking out loud, though, so grain of salt and all that.

Because that’s where my heart lies right now–not the salt, that would sting–in book-length projects or one-offs. I want to explore some new subject material (for me), and be free to pursue short term and longer term projects as they present themselves. I also have book projects I want to complete for Sips & Shots, so there’s that, too.

I’m still here, I’m still drawing, but my goals–big, hairy, audacious or otherwise–and just shifting.

I hope you’ll hang around and see what I’ve got up my sleeve!

Riding in Cars With Mom 10

Now, you know this is going somewhere (pun unintended)–no road trip can ever be flawless.


Make sure to read the Gossip section, today, or pdf writer kostenlos downloaden deutsch? I certainly hope so! I've got a new project on the horizon and, frankly, it could use your help. Kickstarter.com (in case you're not familiar with it) is a site that allows creators of various sorts to propose a project, set a fundraising goal and accept the pledges of backers for a certain period of time to, hopefully, fund the project so that it can become a reality pivot herunterladen. If the fund goal isn't reached, no one pays a thing, but if the fund goal IS reached, the pledges are collected (via Amazon Payments) and transferred to the creator who can begin (or continue) work on their project.Kickstarter is BIG into rewards, so each pledge level comes with some sort of thank-you involved spotify songs herunterladen geht nicht. What to Feed Your Raiding Party is accepting pledges for the next 2 months. What it is, is half comic book, half cookbook, written with a definite slant towards gamers, geeks and lovers of our particular type of pop-culture video von rtl nowen. My goal is to raise enough funds to cover a print run of 250 as well as the time and materials involved in creating the 150-page book (50-75 recipes and 60 or so pages of comics) whatsapp downloaden org. There are more details over on the project page, including a complete list of rewards that span private project updates to copies of the book to getting a recipe named after you to original art and more hoe downloaden van dropbox. Obviously, backers willing to pledge any amount are needed but if you can't do that, consider passing around the link to your friends, posting it on any forums that gamers and geeks hang out on and talk up the project as much as possible--that's just about as important as money as the more people find out about this project the more chance I have of reaching my goal, being able to start work on the project, get it printed (that's the big thing!) and have it available for folks to use google earth auf deutsch herunterladen. Feedback is always welcome & I hope you like this concept as much as I do! Also, while you're at Kickstarter, check out some of the very awesome projects over there that you might be interested in being a part of error message is currently not possible. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/randomactscomics/what-to-feed-your-raiding-party-a-comic-book-cook-0">go straight to my Kickstarter project to see what I’ve got coming up soon and how you can be a part of making it happen www.office.com/productkeycard herunterladen!

Weekenders: DeFuniak Springs 4

vcds lite herunterladen deutsch

We found Pig Daddy online with such a truly horrendous slogan the food had to be good (“our butts smell good”). Unfortunately, we learned later at the Winery, the restaurant had closed that week photo it uit whatsapp. As in Wednesday. As in 3 days before we got there. No one knew why.

Where we ended up eating was fine, it was a little diner where the food came out on paper plates but it was clean and filling but not some place I’d be in a hurry to return to kostenpflichtige apple apps kostenlos downloaden.