Frenchie Frog!

In what seems to be an abberation for the breed, Molly likes to jump. A lot. A lot a lot.

This was discovered by accident when one of the kids that occasionally come by found one of those really annoying hand-clapper noisemakers in the toy box spiel in 80 tagen um die welt kostenlosen deutsch. Molly jumped. An addiction was born.

Seriously, she joneses for that thing all day at the office and would jump until her wee little heart exploded if we didn’t stop her wordpad rechtschreibprüfung kostenlos downloaden. She’ll be panting and lathered and not care, she just wants to jump. But never at home, where Mom has neglected to reveal the presence of the clapper letters.

Some of her jumps are straightforward (panel 1), whereas others look more like mid-air spins or invisible skateboard/trick bike stunts the way she flings her body around (panel 2) youtube videoen. Of course, you have to let her catch it from time to time and then she gets to chew a bit. If you don’t tell her to drop it or get distracted (you know, we do occasionally WORK at work sometimes) she’ll proceed to first dismantle the two removable hands and then chew off the individual fingers if given enough time (i.e word dokument herunterladen gratis. not long). Eventually we have to reconstruct her toys out of spare parts in which case you end up with Frankenclapper.

We go through a lot of clappers videos von youtubeen auf smartphone.

Gone to the Dogs, Page 1

I’m afraid that first drawing doesn’t do Molly absolute justice, but I guess she’ll forgive me for it. Earlier in the year (you may recall) the Boss had started bringing his little dog, Otis, into the office kostenlos klingeltöne herunterladen. I had meant to do more strips about Otis but, well, O is a really laid back kinda pup which doesn’t make for all that interesting comics. But Molly, well, that’s another story avis rechnung herunterladen.

Having the dogs at the office is a fun thing, and this particular strip comes from last December, the day after Mom procured Molly, and we had just (as in that same weekend) had new carpets installed in the front office smule song herunterladen. Great timing, huh?

She Lost Her Mind

(I promise this has something to do with the “Office” January theme, and you’ll see why on Monday.) This actually happened between panels of part 12 of “a Fine Romance” (the September storyline), on my way home from New Orleans dropbox voor pc download. Mom had been wanting a Frenchie for about 2 years by this point but the mega-price tag was the major sticking point in her getting one. That, and the fact that she’s really more of a cat-person mp3 download ipad.

So when she called and wanted me to come by when I got back to town I knew something had to be wrong (I thought it was computer problems, lol) herunterladen. Have you seen St film youtube mac. Elmo’s Fire instagram videos downloaden pc? That scene with Mare Winningham’s character’s parents where her mother whispers the bad words? That’s totally what this phone conversation reminded me of with her whispering the parts she was ashamed of musiken free. Essentially this is Mom’s mid-life crisis but, now that Molly has been around for a year, as crises go this one isn’t so bad. (Though she still won’t say exactly how much she paid…)