Get It Together 11

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2006 began with the 2nd worst hangover of my LIFE–not the most auspicious start. I attended the same party New Year’s Eve 2006 but I was getting over a case of bronchitis so I only stayed a little while and certainly didn’t drink spotify zum herunterladen markiert lädt nicht. 2007 started much better, even if I was sick.

2008 began, for me, on the phone with Todd–after toasting with Jen & Michelle, I called him in the next time zone to wish him Happy New Year from the future herunterladen.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 14

I did a few dumb things around this time but I must have had some over-worked guardian angels because I never fell into those worst-case-scenarios. In fact, I don’t even think I thought of them at the time zifferblätter herunterladen.

Case in point: After we’d been emailing for a bit I decided I wanted to go out on Saturday night and just get plastered. See, I always drove myself to the clubs so that meant I had to always be able to drive myself home, hence the responsible schtick herunterladen. This time I wanted to see what it felt like to actually get drunk. (I said it wasn’t smart!!!) Anyway, I was spinning this theory out in chat (ah, msn messenger, how I do NOT miss you) and hinting wildly I might add, when Michael graciously (heh) offerred to meet up with me at the bar and make sure I got home safely how can I download videos from youtube to my phone. Plan in motion, I had one of my roommates drop me off later than evening.

Oh, and I’d told Michael he would recognize me (we’d exchanged pictures, of course, but you know how that goes) because I’d be the girl in the black jeans with the handcuffs on her belt-loops emoticons downloaden voor word. They’re actually a pair of thumb cuffs, so tiny, and with a long enough chain that I could wear them across the front of my jeans, belt-like. It was a great conversation starter herunterladen!

So, anyway, I did at least stay completely responsible (only a drink or 2, while dancing that’s nothing) until we met up and I made sure I felt safe enough around him before getting very, very silly computer image games full versions for free. And I did make it home (like I said, guardian angels on overtime!), eventually 😉

What I didn’t realized, fully, was how close on the heels of his last, major, heartbreaking relationship I’d come: 3 weeks techno4ever player herunterladen. Oops! How was I to know, at the time, that I was his transition girl? I mean, you don’t stay with your transition for a year! Anyway, she really did a number on him, so I was the palate cleanser before he met and married his current wife and he, well, he taught me a lot about myself and helped bring me out of my shell a lot opera browser download kostenlos. In fact, I found a lot of my continuing self-confidence while dating him. Plus, he’s like the only one of the guys mentioned in this story (so far and yet to come) that I still talk to on a semi-regular, willing basis kalender download excel kostenlos.

And we didn’t break up immediately after that conversation, but I don’t think it took all that long. After all, we were obviously wanting different things so what was the point, right herunterladen? But you know we’re not done yet, right? If you thought some of the previous parts were a bit surprising (judging by the comments, at least), tomorrow’s update is going to sound like something out of a movie but I swear to you, it’s 100% true!

Random Appetites: Drinking Songs

Continuing along the somewhat reaching path of writing-related food and alcohol (no, I don’t blame you if you didn’t catch the theme), today let’s investigate some songs that center around or are sung while enjoying various libations wie kann man bei netflix folgen herunterladen.

Now, it’s totally a coincidence (no, really, it is) that as I compose this post I’m just returning home from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert barmer bonusheft herunterladen. Before I continue I just want to say that if you live in a place they are coming to and enjoy live music, laser light shows, pyrotechnics and some frickin’ sweet rock and roll/classical/Christmas music fusion then do yourself a favor and get tickets NOW discord for free! How is this not off-topic? Well, they have a song that, while not directly about drinking, takes place in a bar (Old City Bar (LP Version), from Christmas Eve and Other Stories) gardenscapes for free. So there.

The next tune that comes to mind when I hear “drinking songs” is Alcohol by the Barenaked Ladies internet explorer windows 10. Just a nice, fun, kicky song about booze to sing along with on those nights when you’re driving home (preferably not having been drinking) from somewhere way too late at night and you’re trying to stay awake long enough to get home amazon music herunterladen mp3. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me…

Quick on it’s heels, though, is a song that has topped at least one top ## list of drinking songs and who can’t help but sing along with Thorogood’s last call lamentations schrift downloaden mac? One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood and the Destroyers sonic spiele gratis herunterladen.

Now, I have a teensy bit of a confession to make: I’ve never actually participating in a true, honest-to-goodness, stein-swaying drinking song breaking out in a bar herunterladen. I suppose I should try our local Irish pubs a bit more often and see if it ever really happens. BUT! I have been to more than one Bardic Circle and The Wild Rover seems to be a popular sing-a-long of just that sort vegetable planner to download. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard it before, after the first chorus you’ll catch on easily enough.

Party Fouls, Part 2

That was _so_ not a happy new year. Wow. It certainly explains why I was so very sick that next day.

Granted, I was way past tipsy on my own that night and didn’t worry too much about it at the time because I knew I had a designated driver that night einladungskarten 80 geburtstag kostenlosen. It was only looking back after the fact when I tried to remember how much I’d had to drink when I realized something wasn’t adding up. Sure, we’d killed the first pitcher of mangotinis before 10pm but after the liquor run (I didn’t drive) I had maybe 2 more ‘tinis and one candy bar shot (equal parts butterschnapps, godiva liqueur, and Irish cream) vlc media playeren mac.

Musing to Jen, who was also at the party, later I found out that one of the other guests had been topping off my drink on a regular basis while I was watching whatever odd movie was on (Mad Mad Mad Mad World chip download kostenlos? I think?). I only thought I slowed down my drinking as the night went on!

Packing Party

Guest List of 2. First we procrastinated by going out for sushi, then we had as much fun as possible while throwing things into boxes for several hours dietrichs. And since she had a roommate that we _weren’t_ packing up, it was a matter of working around some things until he got it together and started to pack-up as well herunterladen.

I really like some of the poses I managed to capture here (without the use of photo reference even!) but I’m still not 100% sold on the arc of black/white in the background on the bottom herunterladen On the one hand it looks unfinished, on the other it doesn’t detract from the figure in the panel. Don’t think I’ll be using the technique often; it was an experiment android fotos herunterladen.