Riding in Cars With Mom 8

Didn’t I say something about a morbid sense of humor last week? I believe I did. I come by my crazy honest.

And a reminder: this is the last week to make a donation to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign at the tWINs link android sprachdateien herunterladen. I’m incredibly thankful to my donors so far but, I have to say, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that more haven’t been able to scrape up a few dollars to help aid cancer research and support super mario. I know, I know, things are tight for everyone and there are many ways to give and many outlets, especially this time of the year. So if you gave elsewhere, thank you for that herunterladen. But if not, please, give what you can, not for me but for your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter or best friend who could be the next diagnosed with this terrible disease herunterladen.

Riding in Cars With Mom 7

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I’m generally a pretty good navigator (even if I do have to turn the map to keep it in the direction we’re heading) but when the map is just plain wrong, well… I give up karopapier herunterladen! The maps have gotten steadily worse, the past few years, to where we just sorta go where we THINK things are, look for the signs, and stumble into whatever other Open Houses might also be going on that day gta 5 mobile phone.

Riding in Cars With Mom 1

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Road trips with friends are one thing–a road trip with Mom is a whole ‘nother ball game.

I don’t really mind that she likes to drive since it gives me time to read or work on a project or something, I just wish she’d learn to stop the car before we’re an inch from someone’s bumper adblocker kostenloser download! (and, of course, she gets antsy when we don’t begin our stop 50 feet from the nearest car)

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25 Things, 21-22

I try to be fair, though, encouraging the everyone takes a turn idea. Some people, however, insist on ruining it for others when they wedge themselves in where the don’t belong or try to jump the line of traffic herunterladen. Those people don’t get let in if I can help it herunterladen.

22-I type in rhythm to the music playing in my office, reaching almost air-guitar standards of grandeur. Hair metal ballads are some of the best for this, offering the most expressive power chords and so forth from tele 5 mediathek. The best thing about working late or keeping an eye on the front office is that I can turn the music up a bit more and really “rock out.”

How (NOT) to be a Responsible Driver, Part 3

Eating in the car is an art. I mean, you have to have great hand-mouth coordination and invest in either bibs or a lifetime supply of the Tide pen. Plus, selection is very important instagram nachrichten downloaden. You can make many, many things into portable potables (even Chinese takeout, ask me how I know!) but the key, really and truly, is to leave one hand free cc herunterladen sims 4. This woman missed that very important step.

And does anyone else worry that they might accidentally choke on a French fry and cause an accident Age of empires 2 free full version german chip? Or is that just me?

How (NOT) to be a Responsible Driver, Part 1

I suppose no one really enjoys having a car up their butt, but considering I’ve had more than my fair share of rear-end collisions, I’m totally paranoid about those who follow WAY to closely inkscape mac. I have been known to tap my breaks to get people’s attention and sometimes it actually works though what I’d really LOVE is a switch on the dashboard (or the steering wheel–even better!) that turns on my reverse lights without having to actually engage them herunterladen. REALLY freak people out 😉

So, yes, that would probably a case of two wrongs but since I don’t [yet] have that switch I’m still perfectly in the right to slow down to avoid hitting those in front of ME play store herunterladen spiele.