Looks Like Fun


Some things are just rather irresistible to inner children; tobogganing down a hill on a cardboard box is, apparently, one of them.

More happened at the Pumpkin Party, of course, and for the rest of the story, as the saying goes, you’ll just have to wait for that year 2 book herunterladen. (Like you’re waiting for the year 1 book? Yes, yes, it’s in the works. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as more news is available, working on that additional content right now.)

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Happy Independence Day!

Aaaannndddd belated Comic Anniversary and Strip #100. An welcome to the Year 2 Special Content theme: Paper Dolls!

Okay, so it’s only 1 doll and 2 outfits, so far, but this will grow over this year picture publisher 7 kostenlos deutsch. The way I saw it, when the idea came to me earlier this year (yes, I’ve been planning it for a bit, time just got away from me) is the first anniversary is the paper anniversary and since this comic is run by a clotheshorse of a girl with more than a minor penchant for accessorizing, I thought paper dolls would be a fun thing for the holidays throughout the year and just whenever I get inspired to put together another doll or outfit fairway solitaire kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

(the following links are for PDFs of the different pages composited above and will open in a new window; to save simply right click (control-click for Macs) and ‘Save Link As’ to your computer)

Originally, the doll base [color, b&w] was going to a special download on May 1st but with wrapping up Script Frenzy I just couldn’t get it together in time spotify mobile network. Then I was going to release the base along with the Safari outfit [color, b&w] at Strip #100 but June was so crazy that, you guessed it, it didn’t happen herunterladen. It would have been a much more mundane outfit but I just fell in love with the Safari Scraps art that I knew it had to be the first outfit, and it was right there on Comic #99 so why not Units app? Now, with June out of the way, deadlines all satisfied, I finally had a chance to finish up the drawings and get those two sheets plus the July 4th outfit [color, b&w] ready navigon kostenlos herunterladen. Now we’re all caught up!

I really hope you enjoy these as much as I did creating them. Even if you don’t print them and actually play with them, it’s okay, but there is something very child-like and simple about paper dolls and we could all use a bit of simple fun from time to time rss feeden.