Riding in Cars With Mom 12

He was trying to be helpful–figuring that the La Quinta could just transfer our reservation but, yeah, the fact that we’d already checked in and left our overnight bags (and my laptop!) at the other one didn’t help yb spielplan herunterladen. He seemed almost apologetic to break the news that we were SO very far off track.

Turns out we should have made an almost immediate u-turn to get onto I-95 from the Zoo hartlauer fotobuch herunterladen. Oops.

* * *

Not sure why I’m on a vertical trip lately, today’s is another meant to be read down first and not across (hopefully the arrows helped) herunterladen. I’m sure when I start on the next set of strips this abberation will have gone–or I’ll try to make sure to leave some breadcrumbs, lol bildpräsentation kostenlos downloaden.

Don’t forget to check out the What to Feed Your Raiding Party project page klingelton von herunterladen. Interest is growing but I’m always looking for more backers!

Cruise Holiday 7

Our first port of the cruise and things got off to a rocky start. Thankfully, Todd is so easy-going that nothing really gets to him unless its REALLY bad so it was more of an adventure, really, though it was a confusing one incredimail kostenlos download-deutsch. We finally realized that on the BACK of the map he’d shown us the ‘one road’ on, there was a map of Downtown and it actually had some street names on it excel free. Granted, that didn’t solve every issue since the ‘one road’ we needed to take was actually a pedestrian-only zone at the prime intersection, we did make it to San Gervasio, eventually, and spent an hour or more touring the ruins there at our own pace herunterladen. Then made it back to the rental place with time to spare (which meant shopping happened–after I went back to the ship for my credit card, of course: I actually managed to leave the ship with on a few twenties and my ID… I told you, rocky start) epson xp 342 treiber download kostenlos.

First You Have to Find Me

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So, after a few weeks of further chatting, daily emails (often more than one set each) and the occasional phone call we got brave and Spectrum (aka Todd) decided to close the 300-mile gap between us whatsapp neujahrsgrüße 2020 kostenlos download. Of course, best laid plans and all that, he left with plenty of time but hit a snag in the way of a major traffic hold up on I-10 and maybe one other place so that call in panel 1 was actually call 2 or 3 and he was running about 2 hours later than planned app to videos. Fidgety? Me? Yup!

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Sense of Direction

I have none, folks, or nearly none. Over the years I’ve managed to acquire a few skills but overall I’d still be voted Most Likely to Get Lost in Her Own Backyard minecraft pe skins to. If I had one. When I first walked that trail I was a smidge concerned about getting turned around but I didn’t (even if I did miss my starting point that first round) smite kostenlosen. What tripped this couple up was the connecting trails 1/3 and 2/3 along the way. They took one on the down-hill side, made a right at the main trail and got confused (left would have taken them to the entrance) ipad dropbox files.

This is it for the walking work-out week. Next week is less thematic I believe.