Weekenders: Americus, GA 15

Hey, why knock a good thing?

Before we wrap up this storyline: yes, we did other investigative things involving more scientific means and equipment but me walking around the basement with a gieger counter isn’t necessarily good comic material musik kostenlos laptop. And Alpha has done numerous investigations at the Windsor and has various pieces of EVP evidence and so forth, so it wasn’t just the woo-woo stuff play store herunterladen handy.

Speaking of which… Pendulum work (aka scrying) was actually something I’d had some experience with in the past, unlike the ouija board, and it was a good thing, too steuererklärung 2017 kostenlos herunterladen. The lady who usually handles that part of things was unable to make it that weekend so I ended up playing helper-monkey during this session, going over pendulum basics with the others geburtstagsbilder kostenlos herunterladen. Yes, “Nicole” came through again, as well as her brother (Ian or Eoin) but the other girls at our table also “spoke” with an elderly Oriental man, so it was nice to see some other spirits come through good 1.

Weekenders: Americus, GA 11

The way I see it, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible before entering an unfamiliar situation. We’re talking ghosts, here, spirits of the departed or, at the very least, residual energies that are clinging to a place powerdvd kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Some people find comfort or strength in a prayer or protection, I had happened upon a guided meditation not too long before that seemed like a good fit herunterladen. So, while we were waiting for Ron and Scott to begin the investigation, I ran through the meditation to get me into the right headspace for whatever it was that lay ahead herunterladen.

Weekenders: Americus, GA 10


Of course, finding supper was not nearly as easy as finding lunch had been. We ended up at a chain restuarant just for safeties sake–not my preference when travelling but what can you do musik aus icloud herunterladen? In reality, the downtime was because my body was still getting used to life sans gallbladder and I was being very careful that everything agreed with me zoom cloud meeting app. See, that’s not nearly as funny as the thought of an “astral cramp.”

Weekenders: Americus, GA 7

animiertes aquarium als hintergrundbild herunterladen

Scott & Ron (now of Alpha Ghost Team) give a very thorough presentation about the basics of paranormal investigation and the tools used therein stickmotive kostenlos downloaden. I admit, though, when they first brought out the Geiger counter my first thought was of the Ghostbusters ghost trap, lol. There are a lot of other cool tools that can be used to hunt ghosts but these were the major ones they had for us to try out microsoft office 2013 herunterladen kostenlos.

A Disclaimer for July

Hi, gang! So, if you haven’t guessed by today’s comic, the focus as we near the end of this arc (and the end of the month) will be on Ghost Hunting herunterladen. Now, I know not everyone believes in ghosts, spirits, residual energy, hauntings etc etc etc and I’m not asking anyone to change their mind. What I would ask, if I have that right, is that you keep an open mind and at least trust that I’m just going to show what happened while we were there openoffice herunterladen gratis. And if you’re really not comfortable with the subject for your own personal reasons, then feel free to come back in August when it’ll be office funnies for the taking herunterladen. But if you’re curious… stay tuned!