25 Things, 6-7

I wouldn’t eat in front of people. It had very little to do with my weight (even though, at the time, I thought I was SO fat and now I see just how not-fat I was back then, it was honestly a separate issue) and more to do with the idea that food/eating leads to things like bathrooms and bodily functions and for some odd reason I had it in my head that I just didn’t want that associated with me google maps maps download iphone. I couldn’t get away with it in front of Mom, but at school or out with friends I was “never” hungry. Nor did I binge when I was alone, I just didn’t want people to see me eat windows 10 home 64 bit.

Granted, I got over it after high school (mostly because I had roommates and was seldom alone, etc.) but I am still a little self-conscious about eating around strangers or casual acquaintances herunterladen.

7-I was semi-vegetarian in high school. (that is, no beef or pork but, to keep Mom from murdering me, I still ate chicken, turkey and seafood; I THINK it started out as an environmental reason in 9th grade but, while on Senior Externship at the Civic Center, I was at a menu meeting which included sampling the potential items for this big event coming up–I decided it would be rude to not try the gorgeous beef medalion on my plate and that was that!)