Just in Time for Holiday Shopping!

Have you noticed the comics shop button over there on the sidebar? Have you clicked it? No? Well, whether you’ve got just a few more folks on your gift list unaccounted for or you haven’t even started, head on over to my eCrater store at


and see if there’s just the thing you were looking for right at your fingertips counter strike 1.6 kostenlosen vollversion deutsch! In addition to the Year 1 book and some book-exclusive original art, there’s also handmade jewelry (all one of a kind) and my mini martini glasses android musik herunterladen. So go take a look!

Speaking of original art, almost all of the strips from Year 1 (May 1, 2007, to April 29, 2008) are available for sale hoe fotos downloaden van iphone. Since it’s going to take a bit of time to add buy buttons to each of those first 90-plus pieces of art, if there’s something you’re interested in, just email the date to randomactscomics@gmail.com and I’ll get right back to you with price and availability (average is $20–a steal!) ego shooter free full version german pc.

And, finally, if anyone is wondering what *I* want for Christmas, well, I’d love a fully-funded status for What to Feed Your Raiding Party herunterladen. If you’ve read about the project and thought ‘hey, that sounds cool’ or even ‘I’d buy it’ please consider making a pledge this month towards it becoming a reality android sprachdateien herunterladen. There are plently of pledge levels and each comes with it’s own reward. The most popular seems to be the $30 level which includes getting a recipe named after you (or one of your gaming characters or even after a friend or relative who’d find it really cool to be in a cookbook!) but it’s certainly not the only way to go; $7 gets you a pdf copy of the book, $12 a physical copy and $22 an Artist’s edition–it’s like a discounted pre-order on steroids (but without all those negative side effects) super mario.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 24

Seriously, I’ve already told Todd “Not that I think you would or anything but, just in case, don’t buy me a ring!” There’s plenty of shiny out there that doesn’t come in ring form klingelton kostenlos downloaden android!

About the other jewelry, it doesn’t help that most of it is various grades of yellow gold. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing yellow gold, my preference being sterling silver or white gold download the settlers 7 for free in full version. The rings I wear now are the mother of pearl one I bought way back on page 9 and two silver and lapis lazuli rings I bought over the last couple of years herunterladen. I have others–pearls, garnets, white sapphires–but the lapis I wear every day in some form or another.

And this wraps up my (way stretched out) 24hour Comics project norton 360 premium herunterladen. I’ll be taking Jun’s excellent suggestion and doing a scorecard of sorts for next Wednesday but we’ll be back to the more usual Randomness come Jan.2nd video ipad.

Scraps Talks Back

In life, it all boils down to picking your moments. Yes, this really happened (pretty much verbatim). No, I did not lose my job or even get reprimanded imikimi kostenlosen. Yes, I really work with my mother and she really was rather proud of me in that moment.

You should also probably know that I’ve worked at the same place, for the same boss, for 14 years now and have a pretty good working relationship with my boss and the majority of my co-workers herunterladen. My boss really enjoys pushing buttons and stirring pots some days, and this was one of them.

The new girl in the strip, today, is Kimmy, a graphic designer who has an office in our building outlook herunterladen kostenlos chip. She goes way back with us, as well. She mainly works in fused glass these days whereas my jewelry is more beads and wire. The necklace I was wearing that day was one of my etched-glass (microscope slide) pendants, wire wrapped with bead dangles herunterladen. I have maybe a dozen left from when I first started making them–might be a good time to start up an etsy store and get them out there again.

And, oh yeah, this is officially Comic #100 of Random Acts… Yay snapchat free android!