Todd’s Bothers, Part 2

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It’s not that either of us are anti-children we just have both chosen not to have any. In fact, we have this ongoing “list” (that one of these days I’m going to have to write down) of reasons NOT to have kids, generally populated by incidents witnessed at one public venue or another (and totally kept in jest; there’s also a very, very small list of reasons TO have kids, in a strictly hypothetical sense) herunterladen. Nor did we leave because of the crying child, we were pretty much done anyway it, we just chose not to linger further over our meals.


Playground Rules

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Doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50, the hierarchy remains intact.

Since none of us have given Mom any grandchildren, she’s had to resort to adopting the kids of some of our clients as surrogates tolino buch downloaden. Graham is a darling little boy who likes to play “crossing guard”, hence the vest and sheriff’s star. At home he has the full regalia with cones, gloves and a stop sign red dead redemption 2 herunterladen. He’s always been a bit of an old soul, very somber and all, but he loves cars and crossing guards. Go figure 🙂