Random Appetites: Go Cups

New Orleans and Las Vegas are the two cities I know of where it’s perfectly legal for you to walk down the street with your beer or cocktail in hand tux paint herunterladen. Consequently, if you’re in a wandering mood, you can request your drink be put in a Go (or Geaux, in The Quarter) cup rather than the usual glass or whatnot and mosey on down the way kostenlose bilder herunterladen microsoft. While many places use coated paper cups or Styrofoam, some have capitalized on this and have printed plastic cups for their to-go orders. These also make useful “throws” during Carnival season (beads are not the only thing thrown from parade floats, t-shirts, cups, footballs and other items are quite popular) solitär kartenspiel herunterladen.

Of course my recent move was what had me thinking of to-go items and this post has been a result of such stream of consciousness thought. If you’d like something more potent with your Random Appetites, check out these three wine-related articles that came, of all places, from Entrepreneur.com while I get back to digging my way out of cardboard purgatory herunterladen.

This Winery’s Vintages Speak for Themselves

Art is Science at Six Sigma Ranch

Experience the Luxury of Hall Wineries

And, finally, a quick reminder that next week’s Random Appetites will post on Monday under a new name modern family can beed on netflix! Even if you read this through RSS, please stop by the some time next week to see the new, fresh look of Random Acts Comics!

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 6

Now, it’d have been one thing if we were being unruly, if we’d camped out and never ordered anything or if there’d been a line waiting for tables but none of those things were true herunterladen. Between what I know was spent in the initial lunch orders, what I can guess at from orders that continued to trickle in as people came and went (those fishbowl drinks were $30 each!) and what I personally spent on the attractions and in the giftshop, that $1000 is a conservative estimate auto spiele kostenlos spielen download. But it does make for a bit of irony, no? A bunch of geeks getting kicked out of Quarks?

The Hilton has since closed down the Star Trek Experience but rumor has it that it will reopen somewhere else herunterladen.