This actually happened to two checks from that batch: the one to Office Depot and one to our Dental insurer whose home offices both appear to be around Detroit or some such tax return 2019 solothurn. Both were, eventually, returned to us with those perfectly singed edges after both being in a mail truck that caught on fire. Oops! But all of the payment, payor and MICR information was intact so I’ll bet, if they’d tried, those checks would have gone through just fine (the O.D bittorrent herunterladen. check was returned by the post office but the other one actually made it to the vendor after a while). I think we’re going to frame them just because of their novelty zattoo kostenlos herunterladen.

* * *

Unfinished strip, again, but I’ll get caught up this weekend. Just think of this as a peek behind the scenes in the making of the comic herunterladen. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Paid! Writer! Me!

It really was a pretty awesome feeling to get that first check for writing. Granted, it wasn’t quite the rush that I got with that first feedback email from the editor with nothing by praise herunterladen. That was a major happy-dance in my chair moment. You know what I’m talking about, right? The silent party that, if witnessed, would get you sent straight to the loony bin for fits 7 days to die download kostenlos deutsch. But the check was a pretty cool second feeling. Sure, it was only $30 because it was the per-article fee structure (not my current rate, I assure you) and only for one article the previous month but it rocked all the same wordpad kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Now when the checks come, a year later, I’m all ‘Cool, into the savings account [part of*] you go[es], glad it showed up on time.’ I’m so over the giddiness, just another jaded writer, accepting the ducats as my due for brilliance music download for car. Pffft! No, it’s still cool, it’s just not _as_ cool.

[*What? I’m so not a saver by nature but that whole tax thing is making me more of one zierschriften herunterladen. And I do generally spend the rest because, well, I’m not a saver! There are more shoes out there, folks.]