25 Things, 25

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Even though I’ve mostly stopped fantasizing about getting a little place in the Quarter and spending my days writing and drawing and my nights hob nobbing with the local color for the rest of my days, I still consider Louisiana home and wish I got to visit more Create website program free download.


And this wraps up the 25 Things month, another year of my life and another year of this comic! Wohoo! We made it! Tomorrow, as is somewhat usual, will be a non-themed one shot about the anniversary and then next week (starting Tuesday, remember, new update schedule) I’ll be sharing my and Todd’s recent cruise vacation virtual dj 2018 deutsch download vollversion kostenlos. Thanks for hanging with me for another year, here’s to many more!

25 Things, 23-24

Probably the same thing (the darkness) is what helped me not freak out on Rock’n’Roller Coaster at MGM–my first upside down coaster ever herunterladen.

For me, at least in a car or on a boat you’re close enough to the ground that whatever accidents may occur, you don’t have to add a 30,000-foot drop to the list of obstacles to overcome kostenlos imo herunterladen. I’m still nervous on take-offs and employ meditative breathing during turbulence, but I’m a much better flyer these days.

24. I’m a researcher by nature–any idea I get is immediately accompanied by Internet printouts (these days) and a trip to the bookstore kann man bei spotify herunterladen. When I was younger I’d exhaust the encyclopedia at home, making copious notes in one binder or another, and then head to the library and do the same herunterladen. It’s only once I have copious amounts of back-up data that I can comfortably proceed with an idea. This is probably why one bedroom of our new home is being termed the “reading room” because, between the two of us, we’ve got enough books, etc itunes gekaufte filme downloaden. for our own personal library!

25 Things, 21-22

I try to be fair, though, encouraging the everyone takes a turn idea. Some people, however, insist on ruining it for others when they wedge themselves in where the don’t belong or try to jump the line of traffic herunterladen. Those people don’t get let in if I can help it herunterladen.

22-I type in rhythm to the music playing in my office, reaching almost air-guitar standards of grandeur. Hair metal ballads are some of the best for this, offering the most expressive power chords and so forth from tele 5 mediathek. The best thing about working late or keeping an eye on the front office is that I can turn the music up a bit more and really “rock out.”

25 Things, 19-20

Laundry is evil, that’s all there is to it. My knee still isn’t right and this happened at least a month ago.And to add injury to injury, the blasted basket cut my ankle to boot winzip kostenlos downloaden!

20. I bruise and scar very easily. I suppose you could say I’m a “delicate flower” but, well, that’s a bit of a stretch ipados herunterladen. Mom says I’m a wimp and she’s probably not far off. My pain tolerance has increased, however! Though maybe that’s not something to necessarily brag about, lol how to cc in sims 4.

25 Things, 18

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To make matters worse I had absolutely no bandages in the apartment and had to go knock on the upstairs neighbor’s door and beg a few. Thankfully I sorta knew her, a little, so it’s wasn’t as awkward as it could have been herunterladen von ard mediathek. Then I went back downstairs and finished the dishes and supper before the husband got home. These days I think I would give up and call for take-out.

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25 Things, 16-17

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This was the scene when I cleaned out the fridge recently. Though, in reality, the fridge is usually packed to the gills with fresh foods or recent leftovers–I cook more nights than not, after all, and use very few prepared foods, etc herunterladen. At least when I’m behaving myself.

17. Todd was afraid I was a bit of a lush before he met me. I’d gotten a bar cart for Christmas, had sipped a glass of wine while in weekend chats and have an extensive liquor “cabinet” but, thankfully, he learned that I go weeks without an adult beverage of any sort and generally stay well under sloshed when I do drink herunterladen. Generally. There are always exceptions.

25 Things, 14-15

It took me 15 minutes to purchase 9 pairs of shoes and various accessories. After brunch it took us an hour or more and 3 stores to find one pair of shoes for Todd word 365 alle schriftarten herunterladen. So take that, stereotypes, lol! Actually, because it was a liquidation sale (her store was damaged in a floor and it just wasn’t cost-effective to repair it to reopen) there was a lot of choice but limited size selections so, pretty much anything in my size that I was even remoted interested in went into the stack and then I weeded them down u bahn simulator kostenlos downloaden chip. I only put back 2 pairs, I think.

Which leads us to:

15. I own 73 pairs of shoes. Even I’m shocked! I knew I’d probably passed 60 but I didn’t realize by THAT much katwarn kostenlosen! I suppose that’s all there is to say about that…

25 Things, 12-13

It all started with the Chick-fil-A cows. First I bought the Santa Cow, then came the mini-moos and then Decibell, the superhero cow. Add to that a very generous AFLAC representative and, over the years, my collection has grown considerably video online. A friend in Washington bought a new mattress, that’s how I ended up with a Serta Counting Sheep and I’ve been known to shop at a store or in a catalog just to qualify for a gift-with-purchase-style plush (like the Victoria’s Secret Hoodie Dog) learn to drive.

13. I have multiple monkeys, all named George. And, again, there’s a story to it. A few years ago I was driving to New Orleans when I decided I wanted one of those monkeys with the long arms and velcro hands to carry/wear around the French Quarter and take pictures of and with camtasia studio 8 download kostenlos. Couldn’t find one the entire weekend. But on the way home some friends stopped for gas and found just that monkey, brought him to me, and I named him George stickmotive kostenlos downloaden. When Mom gave me a Curious George doll this past Christmas it was then I decided ‘Well, I’ve got 2 Georges, why not name ’em all George!’ Hence, the George-Borg was born microsoft office 2013 herunterladen kostenlos.

Other things I collect include bears (specifically Pooh bears, but even those have diminished over the years) and bells from places I or others have travelled to animiertes aquarium als hintergrundbild herunterladen.