A Month of Fridays 14

To explain: after his divorce, the house he rented was not even as big as my apartment, so he used the bedroom as an office and slept in the living room in his very big recliner herunterladen. When he moved to Florida, he’d gotten his couch set out of storage (the sofa is very long and fairly deep, so it is pretty comfortable) and just never got around to purchasing a bed it chapter 2. Which is why our weekends together were spent at my apartment 🙂

I suppose this counts as breaking one of my dating rules: never date a man who sleeps in a single bed (i.e 8 ball pool download. If there’s no room in his bed for you, there’s no room in his life for you, either) but I’m glad I tossed that one out the window for him 3d brush app herunterladen. He’s a great catch and I’m really lucky to have him in my life.

And, yes, we’re stopping this particular story-line here, switching gears for a bit to tell other tales, but the house-hunt, etc where to download warzone. will be told and I’ll try not to make it a whole year before I start to tell that one! Come back tomorrow for a bit of fun filler to kick off our favorite holiday season and then next week for a new theme herunterladen.