the Hunt Begins

So, it’s the first comic of year 4 (!!!) and I’m starting the story of how Todd and I managed to move in together, cohabitate, and live to tell the tale igo kartenupdates downloaden und installieren.pdf.

And, as it seems to happen so often when the new comic year rolls around, I’m experimenting a little. I really liked the informal, sort of organic page style I’d been using for the pages last month so I’m planning to continue it for the time being spiele für pc kostenlos herunterladen. Not all updates will be quite this text heavy, it’ll just depend on what the page needs.

I’m also taking a page from Nell Brinkley’s book (figuratively speaking, of course) Free games download block puzzle. Todd got it for me for Christmas and not only did I discover she does the double-line style that I stumbled across on my own several years ago (a true coincidence, that one) but her weekly cartoons were composed of a main illustration and vignettes interspersed with text, often in verse and frequently numbered to guide the reader google maps maps download iphone. It’s just a different way to do things and I think it suits the particular story I’m trying to tell better than a strict panel-guided style windows 10 home 64 bit.

We’ll see.

Next week: more of the search.

A Month of Fridays 9


Sure, we sent emails back and forth every day but being in the chat room, even if we weren’t actively chatting, was sorta like being in the same room doing our own things, but together free image editing.

Funny story about Todd’s move: he had to drive the car onto the trailer but, because of how it fit, couldn’t get out of the car once it was up there unless he climbed out the window Do not safari pdf view. And since his car has power windows the window could not then be rolled back up. Good thing it didn’t rain while he was on the road!

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 22

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Not much more to say about that, you know?

I do love living on my own, at least most of the time. Having my own space where I am the supreme rule maker and breaker is incredibly freeing herunterladen. Of course, it does get lonely sometimes, but since Todd’s been here my weekends, at least, are spent in good company 🙂

This is the last week of this story and, yes, updates will continue as scheduled for Thursday and Friday herunterladen.

White Trash Yard Sale

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Would you believe the ‘we’ that moved all her stuff was only me, Jen, her Mom and the Bard I called in at the last minute? All our regular moving-party type friends were at an event that weekend hotel gigant 2 kostenlosen vollversion. As always, it takes 10 times longer to pack the truck than unpack it, even including the tossing of all large items onto the lawn so as to get to the boxes that were to be stored in the back closet netflix film downloaden 4g.

I Must Have Boxed My Brain

I tell you what, I shoved that wheeled cart into place so many freaking times and then the Bard walks up and turns it on it’s head like it was nothing solitaire for mac for free.

See, Jen’s ex-bf/roommate found a new place so to save on rent, etc. she hatched a plan to move all her worldly possessions into the “spare” room of the place she’d be subletting in only a few weeks, once the friend that lived there passed the Bar and got a job up near his wife in N.Georgia prime videos on laptop. That was the end of LAST September. Jen just finished moving all her stuff to her parents place a week or two ago because the subletting didn’t happen and lots of other Life did creative destruction herunterladen pc. But it’s all good and all working out, and that’s what counts, right?