25 Things, 21-22

I try to be fair, though, encouraging the everyone takes a turn idea. Some people, however, insist on ruining it for others when they wedge themselves in where the don’t belong or try to jump the line of traffic herunterladen. Those people don’t get let in if I can help it herunterladen.

22-I type in rhythm to the music playing in my office, reaching almost air-guitar standards of grandeur. Hair metal ballads are some of the best for this, offering the most expressive power chords and so forth from tele 5 mediathek. The best thing about working late or keeping an eye on the front office is that I can turn the music up a bit more and really “rock out.”

Silence is When You Worry

Seriously, I talk to myself quite often at the office (though I’ve gotten better at keeping the internal dialog internal) or I’ve got a podcast going or iTunes or Sirius–there is almost always something making noise in my office (other than the space heater) avira for windows vista for free. It’s when I turn everything off and silence reigns that you should worry. And run. Because quiet means I’m so absolutely ticked off at something (or someONE) that I can’t even abide the sound of music painten gratis. That’s some serious anger. Talking to myself just means mild confusion or something I have to work out. But singing along to the music is the best sign mühle spiel herunterladen.

Random Appetites: Drinking Songs

Continuing along the somewhat reaching path of writing-related food and alcohol (no, I don’t blame you if you didn’t catch the theme), today let’s investigate some songs that center around or are sung while enjoying various libations wie kann man bei netflix folgen herunterladen.

Now, it’s totally a coincidence (no, really, it is) that as I compose this post I’m just returning home from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert barmer bonusheft herunterladen. Before I continue I just want to say that if you live in a place they are coming to and enjoy live music, laser light shows, pyrotechnics and some frickin’ sweet rock and roll/classical/Christmas music fusion then do yourself a favor and get tickets NOW discord for free! How is this not off-topic? Well, they have a song that, while not directly about drinking, takes place in a bar (Old City Bar (LP Version), from Christmas Eve and Other Stories) gardenscapes for free. So there.

The next tune that comes to mind when I hear “drinking songs” is Alcohol by the Barenaked Ladies internet explorer windows 10. Just a nice, fun, kicky song about booze to sing along with on those nights when you’re driving home (preferably not having been drinking) from somewhere way too late at night and you’re trying to stay awake long enough to get home amazon music herunterladen mp3. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me…

Quick on it’s heels, though, is a song that has topped at least one top ## list of drinking songs and who can’t help but sing along with Thorogood’s last call lamentations schrift downloaden mac? One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood and the Destroyers sonic spiele gratis herunterladen.

Now, I have a teensy bit of a confession to make: I’ve never actually participating in a true, honest-to-goodness, stein-swaying drinking song breaking out in a bar herunterladen. I suppose I should try our local Irish pubs a bit more often and see if it ever really happens. BUT! I have been to more than one Bardic Circle and The Wild Rover seems to be a popular sing-a-long of just that sort vegetable planner to download. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard it before, after the first chorus you’ll catch on easily enough.

Random Rush Hour

And I don’t care what that song says, “a traffic jam when you’re already late” is NOT irony herunterladen. Unfortunate? Sure. Murphy’s Law at work? Absolutely! Ironic? Nope. And black flies on Chardonnay? Don’t drink next to a dumpster, kay?

I think another trip to Chautauqua Winery [warning: link plays music] is in order, I’m out of most of the wine I picked up on that trip and I definitely want more of the Blackberry nen 2654-1en. Plus they have some awesome wine-related gifts and decor items I want to check out again. The shop in panel 3 is none other than a Harry & David outlet bundesliga app android kostenlosen. As much as I’d love to have more of their yummy chocolates and such (the lemon curd was for Mom), Gulfport is a smidge more of a drive so I’ll console myself with just the wine herunterladen.

This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com

This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com

Packing Party

Guest List of 2. First we procrastinated by going out for sushi, then we had as much fun as possible while throwing things into boxes for several hours dietrichs. And since she had a roommate that we _weren’t_ packing up, it was a matter of working around some things until he got it together and started to pack-up as well herunterladen.

I really like some of the poses I managed to capture here (without the use of photo reference even!) but I’m still not 100% sold on the arc of black/white in the background on the bottom herunterladen zoom.us. On the one hand it looks unfinished, on the other it doesn’t detract from the figure in the panel. Don’t think I’ll be using the technique often; it was an experiment android fotos herunterladen.

Into the Woods


Originally I’d planned to go walk on this nice, flat, well-lit track at the local high school but Jen mentioned that she liked the trail at San Luis Park because it was nature and had varied terrain samsung galaxy s6 images. I did not expect varied terrain = shin-burning hills. Sigh… Really, it wasn’t so bad once I found a rhythm and forced a bit of pacing into the mix music legal download flatrate. The iPod playlist helped a lot, too; a mix of Barenaked Ladies, Buck Cherry, Corporate Whore and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe one day I’ll graduate from the 30 minute one to the 60 🙂