Riding in Cars With Mom 8

Didn’t I say something about a morbid sense of humor last week? I believe I did. I come by my crazy honest.

And a reminder: this is the last week to make a donation to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign at the tWINs link android sprachdateien herunterladen. I’m incredibly thankful to my donors so far but, I have to say, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that more haven’t been able to scrape up a few dollars to help aid cancer research and support super mario. I know, I know, things are tight for everyone and there are many ways to give and many outlets, especially this time of the year. So if you gave elsewhere, thank you for that herunterladen. But if not, please, give what you can, not for me but for your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter or best friend who could be the next diagnosed with this terrible disease herunterladen.

How (NOT) to Take Out the Garbage, Part 2

fotosen van iphone op pc

Can you GET more lazy?

Now, I totally understand combining errands and I’ve taken the trash out on my way to work or whatever before, but the crucial factor is that he did not leave the complex: merely chauffeured the trash up there and returned songs as mp3. And that 50yds thing? Might actually be an exaggeration since it really doesn’t feel like crossing a football field when I walk my fluffy butt up there and back herunterladen.