Get It Together 11

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2006 began with the 2nd worst hangover of my LIFE–not the most auspicious start. I attended the same party New Year’s Eve 2006 but I was getting over a case of bronchitis so I only stayed a little while and certainly didn’t drink spotify zum herunterladen markiert l├Ądt nicht. 2007 started much better, even if I was sick.

2008 began, for me, on the phone with Todd–after toasting with Jen & Michelle, I called him in the next time zone to wish him Happy New Year from the future herunterladen.

Get It Together 10

Other memorable NYE celebrations include a pajama party in the late 90s and the very swanky Champagne dinner to usher in the year 2000. The man I was with and many other things from that night have changed, but I still have the shoes I wore gta 5 for free!

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We tend to do holidays rather low-key in our family. That New Year’s we watched movies, had a very late supper and then watched the ball drop before going back to watching (I believe) Liar, Liar herunterladen.

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I don’t remember New Year’s Eve 2002. At all. I went to the doctor the morning of December 31st trying to tell them the bronchitis had come back (again) but since my cough was not “productive”, they couldn’t do anything about it free youtube premium for free. When I left work that day I went straight to bed. If I remember correctly, the New Year’s Eve was a Thursday, meaning that it was a full 3 days before I could get BACK to my doctor and tell them a very croupy told-you-so, at which time they prescribed me a 3rd, stronger, round of antibiotics which did, eventually, work seiten downloaden. It sorta set the tone for 2003.