Dragon*Con 6

Wouldn’t you know it, of the 5 glasses in that bag, the ONLY one that broke was a) the one I wanted most and b) the one that was the best wrapped herunterladen. I mean, not even the plastic cup on top, devoid of any wrapping, cracked. The 2 glasses from PittyPat’s Porch? Fine. The shot glass that was inside the broken one (with lots of paper between) junit herunterladen? Fine. Only my Trader Vic’s glass, the anniversary one with the Mai Tai recipe on it, the one the waiter swapped out the rest of my drink into a regular glass so he could wash the one I’d been served because they didn’t have any, otherwise, to sell was the one that broke zoom tool herunterladen.

But! In the defense of Hilton management, they got the restaurant manager to come over once we got downstairs, he took the pieces, I explained precisely which glass it was (again, the not-available-for-sale part) and gave him my address and he promised to replace it lollapalooza ticket herunterladen. There was some confusion but, eventually, I got my glass. It’s not the one I was served, mores the pity, but it is the anniversary glass with the Trader Vic’s story and Mai Tai recipe and that’s what counts herunterladen.

And, of course, I’d originally packed the glassware in the suitcase but took it out to make sure it didn’t get crushed. Figures.

Pre-Safe Search

Had to end the month with a Mom story because, well, she’s good for them.

Now, we’re a small company and really don’t have a use for those programs that track employees webuse spiele für handy kostenlos herunterladen samsung. Not to mention the fact that many monitors are way too visible by anyone walking around to do something foolish. But Mom, innocent in the ways of the Web Mom, just blithely entered the word Swingline into the search field and, wow, the things that popped up herunterladen! lol

* * *

Last of the pencils, I promise, unless something untoward happens (like me falling on my right hand. again. the knot on my knee is worse… sigh…) stronghold kostenlosen deutsch. And the book cover is nearly finished so at least the lack of inks are for a good cause!


This actually happened to two checks from that batch: the one to Office Depot and one to our Dental insurer whose home offices both appear to be around Detroit or some such tax return 2019 solothurn. Both were, eventually, returned to us with those perfectly singed edges after both being in a mail truck that caught on fire. Oops! But all of the payment, payor and MICR information was intact so I’ll bet, if they’d tried, those checks would have gone through just fine (the O.D bittorrent herunterladen. check was returned by the post office but the other one actually made it to the vendor after a while). I think we’re going to frame them just because of their novelty zattoo kostenlos herunterladen.

* * *

Unfinished strip, again, but I’ll get caught up this weekend. Just think of this as a peek behind the scenes in the making of the comic herunterladen. Yeah, that’s the ticket…