Weekenders: Americus, GA 14

Okay, y’all, THAT was kinda freaky. I mean, I could see whre that was going on the first ‘m’ and I really didn’t want to see the rest windows 10 image datei herunterladen. You could probably see the horror on my face at that point (we don’t have the second session on video, for some reason) but they immediately had me ask, next, “Was it an accident” and the answer was “Yes.” Still spiele xbox 360 kostenlos. *chills*

This conversation with “Nicole” was a lot longer, too. Maybe 10 minutes? It was like talking to your friend’s kid, asking her about just whatever kostenlose serien herunterladen. Did she enjoy being at the hotel, seeing people come and go, did she play in the hallways, did she have anyone to play with (which is how we found out she had a brother who was being a bit shy and not telling his name, etc) and so on and so forth app films downloaden.

When we started down the tough questions I was a little hesitant. During the first session someone suggested asking her how she died but we didn’t–some spirits aren’t really aware of that fact, supposedly, though obviously we find out she is more aware that some kindle unlimited hörbücher herunterladen.

Again, no guarantees. There are records to support that two children were killed by falling down an elevator shaft. And when Alpha went back to do more investigations they had another interaction but it identified with a different name castle crush herunterladen. Now, sure, it could be one adult spirit playing with us or it could be a bored kid who likes to play pretend. Who the hell knows. Only thing for certain is that there was something going on, something guiding the planchette, and that makes me a little more open minded, overall sleipnir musik kostenlos downloaden.

One thing I do wonder, though: who teaches spirits how to use a Ouija Board? Is there really a Handbook for the Recently Deceased, like in Beetlejuice herunterladen? Are there mentors? Or do they just sorta _know_?

Weekenders: Americus, GA 13

It was one of the strangest sensations I can recall–it was like I was having to struggle just to keep up with the planchette it seemed to be running away from my fingertips to get to the next letter or word Play gta san andreas for free without download.

This, of course, is a slightly condensed version of this session, though it wasn’t very much longer that what I’ve shown here. (I have a video of it but since I didn’t take it I don’t want to put it up without the owner’s permission.)

I’d never used a Ouija board before in my life and, frankly, had never planned to simpsons font. Even after we moved to Florida from Louisiana, we’d hear stories of kids getting into all sorts of mischief back home with these sorts of things and you just didn’t even consider it herunterladen! Can I say for certain that whatever was moving that planchette around the board was the spirit of a 10-year-old girl named Nicole? No. But I can tell you this: I wasn’t pushing the pointer apps without password.

More tomorrow…

Weekenders: Americus, GA 12

And this is where things started to get interesting.

I admit, I was a bit surprised that they were using a ouija board (they also had dowsing rods and pendulums, as well)–after all, it’s not exactly scientific skype gratis downloaden laptop. Still, it’s one of those alternative methods that, if the information can be collaborated, can help support other, more scientific, observations videos downloaden zdf. The first few goes at the board were pretty much unsuccessful with a few odd movements and, as you can see, no real information gathered. And then…

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