Weekenders: Americus, GA 11

The way I see it, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible before entering an unfamiliar situation. We’re talking ghosts, here, spirits of the departed or, at the very least, residual energies that are clinging to a place powerdvd kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Some people find comfort or strength in a prayer or protection, I had happened upon a guided meditation not too long before that seemed like a good fit herunterladen. So, while we were waiting for Ron and Scott to begin the investigation, I ran through the meditation to get me into the right headspace for whatever it was that lay ahead herunterladen.

Weekenders: Americus, GA 10


Of course, finding supper was not nearly as easy as finding lunch had been. We ended up at a chain restuarant just for safeties sake–not my preference when travelling but what can you do musik aus icloud herunterladen? In reality, the downtime was because my body was still getting used to life sans gallbladder and I was being very careful that everything agreed with me zoom cloud meeting app. See, that’s not nearly as funny as the thought of an “astral cramp.”