25 Things, 23-24

Probably the same thing (the darkness) is what helped me not freak out on Rock’n’Roller Coaster at MGM–my first upside down coaster ever herunterladen.

For me, at least in a car or on a boat you’re close enough to the ground that whatever accidents may occur, you don’t have to add a 30,000-foot drop to the list of obstacles to overcome kostenlos imo herunterladen. I’m still nervous on take-offs and employ meditative breathing during turbulence, but I’m a much better flyer these days.

24. I’m a researcher by nature–any idea I get is immediately accompanied by Internet printouts (these days) and a trip to the bookstore kann man bei spotify herunterladen. When I was younger I’d exhaust the encyclopedia at home, making copious notes in one binder or another, and then head to the library and do the same herunterladen. It’s only once I have copious amounts of back-up data that I can comfortably proceed with an idea. This is probably why one bedroom of our new home is being termed the “reading room” because, between the two of us, we’ve got enough books, etc itunes gekaufte filme downloaden. for our own personal library!