Holiday Headaches, Part 2

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It seems like they put the Christmas stuff out earlier each year, doesn’t it? From a business standpoint I can certainly understand the need to get the cash-cow merchandise onto shelves and through the doors as early as possible, but can we at least wait until AFTER Halloween to do it treiber aus windows update herunterladen? That still gives everyone 2 whole months to get into full-on holiday mode (not to mention the month, plus of post-holiday clearance sales). Please?

I heard “White Christmas” used in a commercial the other night and nearly screamed 3d images. Stop the madness, people.

Holiday Headaches, Part 1

(it’s the last week of Peeves, Irritations and Observations month here at Random Acts… so I thought it best to end with some Holiday occurrences since that season is definitely upon us; have you enjoyed this months strip media player download kostenlos deutsch? let me know in the comments!)

I’m sure everyone has espoused or encountered this rant at least once in their lives, it just struck me as odd that within a few years of each other these 2 guys said essentially the same things mp3 songs youtube. My economics professor delayed the start of class that day for at least 20 minutes while he ranted to us about the commercial nature of the “holiday” and how it meant absolutely nothing herunterladen. (This was not the first such outburst, of course. The previous Fall–I had him for both Macro and Micro–he cancelled an 8am class because the majority of us had not yet voted in that days elections.) My co-worker, on the other hand, tried to plead his case with us ladies at the office about how it was so very unfair that his girlfriend (now his wife, so I guess they managed to come to an understanding) be put out because he didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s day (citing the requisite commercialism, etc.) zdf mediathek posts.

Guys (because it’s usually the guys), listen: it doesn’t matter if YOU don’t give two pins about a holiday’s (anniversary’s, birthday’s etc.) validity, if SHE does, then you SHOULD do something to commemorate it (or suffer the consequences) herunterladen. Despite how commercial a holiday might be or how lacking in sentiment it has become, these days that are set aside for the appreciation of one thing or another are a chance to really shine in your gal’s eyes kik messenger herunterladen.

Life is busy and it’s phenomenal if you remember to tell or show how much you care about someone every day. But for the vast majority of humanity the day-to-day, rat race of existence takes precedence over some of the niceties of romance and appreciation spotweb nzb. Valentine’s Day, for example, is the day to remember what you see in him or her and why you spend your available time with that person. Take the opportunity and make the most of it lustige videos whatsapp herunterladen! (and no, coming home with flowers from the corner store after you’ve ranted to your partner about how meaningless it all is is NOT going to instantly redeem you… so don’t get put out then when she doesn’t fall on you in glee with a thousand kisses for begrudgingly doing the bare minimum)

Bottom line: if you love someone, you probably love making them happy, right bingokaarten dead 90 download? Well, if celebrating every little holiday, anniversary and birthday in the book makes your partner happy, why WOULDN’T you want to do it?

Party Fouls, Part 3

Especially not when it’s the same person!!!

Sigh… I’ve never claimed not to be a control freak. I freely admit to wanting things a certain way but I’m also willing to do the work so that no one else has to birthday cards to download. I had a very specific idea in mind for my 30th birthday party and, by and large, I got it. What proved a damper was the look-at-me tendency of one of the guests that afternoon ps1 spiele downloaden. I shouldn’t have been surprised, honestly, but it did sort of sting. A few times during the evening I felt very unnecessary at my own party! Sure, I _could_ have made my own scene but 2 wrongs definitely do not make a right minecraft mods herunterladen kostenlos. It’s tough to balance the desire to have your guests enjoy themselves from the hostess point of view and also get the attention you deserve as the birthday girl, which is why I don’t really encourage throwing your own birthday party as a general rule hp spiele kostenlosen.

Of course, a good hostess also knows how to select a guest list. If someone is prone to steal-the-show or cause drama, that person does not get invited back weihnachtsmotive zumen gratis. Unless, you know, you’re short some entertainment of the train wreck variety 😉

Party Fouls, Part 2

That was _so_ not a happy new year. Wow. It certainly explains why I was so very sick that next day.

Granted, I was way past tipsy on my own that night and didn’t worry too much about it at the time because I knew I had a designated driver that night einladungskarten 80 geburtstag kostenlosen. It was only looking back after the fact when I tried to remember how much I’d had to drink when I realized something wasn’t adding up. Sure, we’d killed the first pitcher of mangotinis before 10pm but after the liquor run (I didn’t drive) I had maybe 2 more ‘tinis and one candy bar shot (equal parts butterschnapps, godiva liqueur, and Irish cream) vlc media playeren mac.

Musing to Jen, who was also at the party, later I found out that one of the other guests had been topping off my drink on a regular basis while I was watching whatever odd movie was on (Mad Mad Mad Mad World chip download kostenlos? I think?). I only thought I slowed down my drinking as the night went on!

Party Fouls, Part 1

Disclaimer: The person on the other end of that phone call is one of the nicest people I know and, therefore, would never have done this intentionally to be rude wieso kann ich auf netflix nichtsen. I actually debated including this one because I don’t want her to feel guilty. And yet…

I host a lot of parties and many of them include different parts, pieces and schedules strava segmenten downloaden. I also tend to include a lot of information in my invitations because I believe a good hostess should prepare her guests for certain facets of the party or, for instance, let them know when dinner will be served at the Pumpkin Party (the carving starts much earlier and is more-or-less fluid in arrival times) powerpoint for free. In the case above, it was Jen’s birthday and we were doing activities that she requested and, because her birthday coincides with a major holiday(-eve) we were having the party a day early with cake at midnight, once it was actually her birth day inpixio photo clip downloaden.

It is my firmly held belief that at someone’s birthday party you do what that person wants–it’s the perk for getting older. It’s one thing if you’ll be late because of other obligations and arrive when your schedule allows, but to purposely avoid portions of the party as if you were skipping classes is not the way to go about it bloons tower defense 6 kostenlos herunterladen. In general, if the expected activities are not to your liking it is much better to RSVP a regret and send your birthday wishes separately to the honoree lms. But in this case, the planned activities didn’t exactly gel, that night, and we actually ended up doing things the unfashionably late guest would have really enjoyed (including watching one of her favorite flicks) herunterladen.

For the record: from the very beginning my pumpkin parties have had at least 30% of attendees who did not carve a pumpkin. Did they wait and just come for dinner scan programm kostenlos herunterladen? No. They came to the party and hung out with everyone and had a great time. To my knowledge no one I have ever invited has turned down the invitation because they weren’t interested in carving pumpkins apps downloaden werkt niet.

Todd’s Bothers, Part 2

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It’s not that either of us are anti-children we just have both chosen not to have any. In fact, we have this ongoing “list” (that one of these days I’m going to have to write down) of reasons NOT to have kids, generally populated by incidents witnessed at one public venue or another (and totally kept in jest; there’s also a very, very small list of reasons TO have kids, in a strictly hypothetical sense) herunterladen. Nor did we leave because of the crying child, we were pretty much done anyway it, we just chose not to linger further over our meals.


How (NOT) to be a Responsible Driver, Part 3

Eating in the car is an art. I mean, you have to have great hand-mouth coordination and invest in either bibs or a lifetime supply of the Tide pen. Plus, selection is very important instagram nachrichten downloaden. You can make many, many things into portable potables (even Chinese takeout, ask me how I know!) but the key, really and truly, is to leave one hand free cc herunterladen sims 4. This woman missed that very important step.

And does anyone else worry that they might accidentally choke on a French fry and cause an accident Age of empires 2 free full version german chip? Or is that just me?

How (NOT) to be a Responsible Driver, Part 2

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Do you know I totally felt like I was writing for one of those “Goofy” shorts as I wrote this week’s strips?

Anyway, I’m sure we all have people who do this in each and every town, essentially those who broke in line in the lunchroom and now have a driver’s license mp navigator ex kostenlos. But worse, in my opinion, are the people that let. them. in. Don’t encourage them!!!

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