Rings on Her Fingers, the Scorecard

Now this _really_ does it for “Rings on Her Fingers”, and for 2008! Wow… time really does fly. I have no idea what I did with my year herunterladen. Aside from 7 articles a month, 3 comics a week since May, 100 pages of graphic novel script, travelling, 3 (4 if you count Vegas, and I do, cause it was more fun than some of the actual cons) Cons, a full time job… Oh, wait, I think I figured it out 😉

I joke about it a lot, but I really am a busy girl but it’s the kind of busy I enjoy, so even when I say “I’m working all weekend”, it’s generally the good kind of work, so it’s all good house party download pc. And 2009? Gonna be even busier. Actually, I was hoping to be able to end the year with some major announcements but since I’m waiting on confirmation on a couple of things in the works, I think I’ll wait a bit for the big reveal herunterladen. But just know that stuff IS going to be happening in 2009, and soon! Watch this space!

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 24

Seriously, I’ve already told Todd “Not that I think you would or anything but, just in case, don’t buy me a ring!” There’s plenty of shiny out there that doesn’t come in ring form klingelton kostenlos downloaden android!

About the other jewelry, it doesn’t help that most of it is various grades of yellow gold. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing yellow gold, my preference being sterling silver or white gold download the settlers 7 for free in full version. The rings I wear now are the mother of pearl one I bought way back on page 9 and two silver and lapis lazuli rings I bought over the last couple of years herunterladen. I have others–pearls, garnets, white sapphires–but the lapis I wear every day in some form or another.

And this wraps up my (way stretched out) 24hour Comics project norton 360 premium herunterladen. I’ll be taking Jun’s excellent suggestion and doing a scorecard of sorts for next Wednesday but we’ll be back to the more usual Randomness come Jan.2nd video ipad.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 23

That was… interesting. Flying cross country, seeing California, etc was all cool but, well, as sometimes happens with Internet-begun relationships things we’re exactly as they seemed steam updates manuell downloaden. But, even that wasn’t the biggest problem: I should have never agreed to be somewhere 5 full days with no time on my own or even a car to go where I wanted trash basket for free. By the end of the trip I was a little stir crazy, a lot exhausted, and so wasn’t as perky when we said good-bye. He took that to mean I was brushing him off and left a very drama-ful message for me before I’d even gotten home and, oh, it was a mess herunterladen. After reminding him that I’d already warned him about me needing my space and not being a morning person (had to be at the airport at 6am) he realize he’d overreacted and while things went on for a little while, the damage had been done php multiple files. This time it wasn’t the distance, I just didn’t need the drama.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 22

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Not much more to say about that, you know?

I do love living on my own, at least most of the time. Having my own space where I am the supreme rule maker and breaker is incredibly freeing herunterladen. Of course, it does get lonely sometimes, but since Todd’s been here my weekends, at least, are spent in good company 🙂

This is the last week of this story and, yes, updates will continue as scheduled for Thursday and Friday herunterladen.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 21

A non-proposal followed by a very geek way of setting a date. We were married at the local courthouse by one of the notaries there. I did carry a picked-up-on-the-way-home-from-work Fall bouquet and we went and had pictures taken at Sears before going home, where I sent out email announcements to our friends and family to let them know what we’d done stadtpläne zum downloaden. Later we had dinner out and the next day Van and his brother-in-law and friend helped move my stuff from Cassie’s place to his (we called it the Honey-Move) then decided to take some of the vacation time we’d requested and go up to Pell City to visit his father and aunt & uncle Strategy games pc for free download. This was November, 2002, the month those hellacious tornadoes ripped through the southeast killing, I think, 17. That plus the suckers sent with the rings really should have made me think, especially since the last time, but no, I didn’t think anything of it (other than to laugh at the rings) how to download videos on mobile phone.

One more week to go with this story, which means next week you get the “conclusion” of sorts and my attempt to tie it up into some nice, neat package palmen aus plastik downloaden.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 20

I cringe as I remember that conversation in panel 4.

I’m not going to go all pro/con on religion, my current feelings on the matter don’t much, well, matter right now, the point is I WAS diving deeper into that whole thing and with that came certain responsibilities filezilla dateien herunterladen. Was it a bit hypocritical? Yes, it was, hence the cringing but it wasn’t so much that I’d be asked to leave the chior and orchestra and all of that, it was the fact that everyone would KNOW why I was stepping back from a more visible position in the church herunterladen. It was a small church I grew up in that church so it was like I had all these surrogate moms and dads watching me–that’s a lot of pressure need for speed kostenlos herunterladen pc! It doesn’t excuse some of my choices, but I knew what lines I could bend and which one’s I couldn’t cross.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 19

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So he left, I moved (in case you notice the backgrounds look different, I know, probably no one pays _that_ much attention to them, lol) along with my roommate and her daughter and tried to get on with life and a long distance-relationship cosinex bietertool herunterladen. We each bought webcams and talked pretty regularly but I was sorta bored and, well, boredom doesn’t always lead to the best decisions being made netflix on pc. Stay tuned…

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 18

I debated about including the Twin Towers attack in this story but, honestly, it was a turning point for us (and so many others, but the trickle-down effect is surprising) mahjong shanghai kostenlos download vollversion mac. I was at work the day the Towers were struck and I was at work, months later, when Matt asked to postpone our wedding. My friend and roommate was furious with him at the time, I was still holding on to hope certain file types will automatically open gpo after downloading. Optimistic til the very end, no?

I really do think I would have made a good Navy wife. I’m self-sufficient enough to have withstood the separations and all but again, I’m glad (in hindsight) things worked out the way they did kompletten youtube kanalen. The move to Nevada happened the weekend before our original wedding date and that turned out to be harder than I’d expected. I’ve never been great with changes in plans but this time it felt surreal knowing that I should have been walking down the aisle (in a GORGEOUS dress I’d found a couple weeks before the postponement) when in reality I was driving down to the county, trying to get a message to Matt’s ex-wife who’d come off the road (she’d been a trucker, before) to take over care of the boys when he was so many thousands of miles away Free games to for kids.

Rings on Her Fingers, Page 16

Even though it wasn’t what I generally considered my “type”, I though, sure, a country boy might be a nice change of pace. And it was, for a while wie kann ich youtube videos downloaden. One thing I noticed with Matt was a lesser amount of game-playing and pretention, though that could have as much to do with his responsibilities as a father as him being a good ol’ boy (or, well, sort of… he wasn’t always a yokel) word 365 alle schriftarten herunterladen.

Another thing I noticed is he did acctually have the romantic thing down pretty well. Unlike some men I’ve known who tell you 1,000 times how much of a romantic he is and never actually provide practical evidence of that trait, Matt was good at surprising me from time to time (as you’ll see as the week continues) u bahn simulator kostenlos downloaden chip. The note on my windshield was especially cute as it came just before I went out of town for a weekend and also included a balloon attached to my antenna katwarn kostenlosen.

His boys were easy, relatively speaking. I, of course, resorted to bribery of several degrees. I started dating Matt shortly before one of their birthdays so, of course, offerred to provide an adorable cake rockstar games herunterladen. To seal the deal I made these cool hat-and-cape sets with dinosaur tails attached–they were a big hit! (the eldest was a dino-nut and the younger 2 followed suit easily, so 3 sets got me into their good graces) Of course, it didn’t take 5 minutes for them to begin using the dino-capes as weapons but, well, that’s boys minecraft pocket edition kostenlos downloaden vollversion ios. In fact, an online friend of mine was a Shriner and he requested an adult-sized set in burgundy that he could wear to the children’s hospitals (I may still have a picture somewhere, come to think of it) jibjab video kostenlosen.