Cruise Holiday 3

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Though, really, I think I’m a lot LESS complicated these days, all things considered.

It’s amazing what total strangers will say to you, though, thinking they’re being funnyand not just weird samsung cashback formulier downloaden 2018. But, then, had he not I wouldn’t have had such prime comic fodder, no? And my complicated coffee orders are a health necessity since I can’t have caffiene and am lactose intolerant solitär kostenlos downloaden windows 10. Trust me, I miss being able to order anything, anywhere.  Those were the days…

Cruise Holiday 2

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Since our cruise left from Ft Lauderdale (Port Everglades) on a Friday afternoon, we drove about halfway on Thursday night and crashed at my brother’s apartment (it’s so very convenient that I now have close family in the cente of the state!) downloaden op macbook. In general, I love evening road trips. There’s usually not as much traffic and the sun’s not glaring down at you, making you sleepy. Plus there’s that punchy feeling that starts about 10 o’clock, or so, that makes the last few hours of a trip just that much more fun herunterladen!

Random Rush Hour

And I don’t care what that song says, “a traffic jam when you’re already late” is NOT irony herunterladen. Unfortunate? Sure. Murphy’s Law at work? Absolutely! Ironic? Nope. And black flies on Chardonnay? Don’t drink next to a dumpster, kay?

I think another trip to Chautauqua Winery [warning: link plays music] is in order, I’m out of most of the wine I picked up on that trip and I definitely want more of the Blackberry nen 2654-1en. Plus they have some awesome wine-related gifts and decor items I want to check out again. The shop in panel 3 is none other than a Harry & David outlet bundesliga app android kostenlosen. As much as I’d love to have more of their yummy chocolates and such (the lemon curd was for Mom), Gulfport is a smidge more of a drive so I’ll console myself with just the wine herunterladen.

This relationship brought to you by

This relationship brought to you by