25 Things, 14-15

It took me 15 minutes to purchase 9 pairs of shoes and various accessories. After brunch it took us an hour or more and 3 stores to find one pair of shoes for Todd word 365 alle schriftarten herunterladen. So take that, stereotypes, lol! Actually, because it was a liquidation sale (her store was damaged in a floor and it just wasn’t cost-effective to repair it to reopen) there was a lot of choice but limited size selections so, pretty much anything in my size that I was even remoted interested in went into the stack and then I weeded them down u bahn simulator kostenlos downloaden chip. I only put back 2 pairs, I think.

Which leads us to:

15. I own 73 pairs of shoes. Even I’m shocked! I knew I’d probably passed 60 but I didn’t realize by THAT much katwarn kostenlosen! I suppose that’s all there is to say about that…

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 2

The official hotel for the meet-up was the Tropicana, one of the older hotels on the Strip but comfortable enough. People were scattered all over the place, though, with some taking advantage of timeshares, nearby family or just other hotels sophos vpn client herunterladen. Did you know February is the one of the busiest months for conventions in Las Vegas? Yeah, neither did we until the plans had already started 🙂

Vegas is one big optical illusion schloss konflikt kostenlos herunterladen. Because of the exaggerated size of the hotels and signs you look down the street, see your destination only on the next “block” and decide to hoof it instagram entwürfe downloaden. Very quickly you realize that a block on the Vegas strip is nothing like anywhere else in the country. The Excalibur faced us and was where we met for dinner that first night, but even crossing the street requires 2 flights of stairs and a foot bridge games for xbox 360!

Hence, tired tootsies came up early that afternoon. Another reason for the shopping trip? When the guys dropped us (me, Juli and ‘Hawk’) at the shoe store to go find more manly windows to shop we got to find out the details on Hawk & Bat’s big night out windows adk herunterladen. What, us, gossip? Pshh. 😉

(note to Bat: no worries, nothing scandalous was revealed)

I’m Ready for my Close-Up

Or am I?

I have a friend who is not only a fabulous person but also an awesome photographer and I asked her to take some shots of me to use for my eHow profile (being all professional-like) and that sort of thing sophos vpn client herunterladen. [For instance, one will be used on the back of the Year 1 book… I have the back designed in my head and still don’t have a clue about the front schloss konflikt kostenlos herunterladen. But I digress.] We’d had a few cool weekends prior so I dressed appropriately, or so I thought until we got there at it was hot as blazes and 99% humidity instagram entwürfe downloaden. But the photos turned out phenomenally so it was worth it. And you can’t even tell I was sweating buckets the whole time!

Best Laid Plans

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Some days you only think you know how you’re going to fix a situation. I was really prepared to not renew my contract when it was up in November because the amount of time I put into the articles was no where near commensurate with the fee they paid me free mp3 music without registration. Of course, one call from our new Expert-wrangler changed all of that: instead of stopping writing, I more than doubled my article count per month and, instead, scaled back (drastically) my SCA involvement and any other non-writing or comics pursuits.  And I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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Of course, I bought the shoes on sale because my other black, strappy sandals had died an early death and I couldn’t _not_ have a pair of black, strappy sandals in the closet tiktok online herunterladen. Didn’t try them on (mistake!) so I didn’t realize the straps cut kinda funny so I only wore them one or twice before I put them away. Lo and behold, the next time I trotted them out they weren’t tight at all 🙂