Rounding Out Year 2

Wow… only a month left of the second year of Random Acts… It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long!

On deck for April is my take on that 25 Things meme that’s been going around the webbernets for a while diner dash free full version german download. I was tagged at least once on Facebook and decided it might be fun to put that in comic form. Since we’ve got 14 updates in the month of April, 14 of the 25 will be illustrated in one way or another with the other 11 items found in the blog section throughout the month bundesliga manager professional herunterladen.

This works well, for me, because these tend to be a bit less intensive art-wise which means I have time to get them, my articles and the ‘Geeks’ strips all done with time to pack because I’ll be moving house at the end of April herunterladen. This is a very good thing, but it also makes for a hectic month! In addition to all of that, I’ll be preparing to roll out a new site design that first weekend of May so that’s going to take some time, too cs go spiele herunterladen. It’s gonna be a busy April!

On deck for May and Year 3? Well, in addition to site revamp, Random Acts… is getting a new name and a new update schedule along with even more additional blog content druckschrift herunterladen kostenlos! I’ll be shifting Random Appetites (under a new heading, you’ll have to wait and see) to Mondays, the comic itself will update Tuesday through Thursday (still 3x a week!) and then on Fridays I’ll be adding another blog feature, more of a tidbit really, that sorta goes along with Random Appetites but is it’s own entity youtube songs downloaden ios.

That’s right, folks, you’ll find new content here 5 days a week starting May 4th. And, yes, despite the name change for the strip, Random Acts Comics is still going to serve as the company name for all of my projects so you won’t have to change your feeds or your bookmarks, at least for the forseeable future zoo tycoon kostenlosen vollversion.

News From the Con, Day 2

Another great day at MegaCon! Made  a few more sales, so that was good, but more than that we handed out the vast majority of my flyers! The best part inpa ediabas 7.3 download deutsch kostenlos? Most of the ladies who took the flyers actually seemed to have a positive reaction to the sample comic so I hope they stop by and check things out. Some were actually surprised to hear that there’s a comic out there by and about women… well, ladies, there’s a lot of them herunterladen! Come on in and explore!

* * *

As to the site changes: after fiddling with things last night and becoming more and more frustrated I gave in and upgraded to the newest version of ComicPress and chose a site that actually shows posts in the right places and has a feed that actively works (with the comic included!) over one that sorta kinda mostly had my color scheme in place but was missing a sidebar and posted things in the wrong section photoshop elements 13 downloaden. Tonight I was able to tweak the color settings so it should look like what we’re mostly used to and this will do, I think, until the revamp goes live in 2 months ubuntu herunterladen von zusätzlichen datendateien schlug fehl. It’ll be the same humor you’ve become accustomed to but in a shiny new wrapper.