Wrath of Con ’09 Part 2

Why, yes, I am a dork!

Y’all, in all seriousness? THIS was the highlight of the Con for me. For all the cons, probably. It’s one thing (and a wonderful thing, at that!) to have my friends and friends of friends reading my comics and telling me they like them wie kann man alle spiele herunterladen. It’s a WHOLE NOTHER THING to have a perfect stranger walk up and say they know my work and that it made them laugh.

Dude. That’s what this is totally all about ist musiken legal.

I really need to start writing down folk’s names when I talk to them at shows (note to self) AND taking pictures of fans/customers at the table (another note to self) herunterladen. I apologize for not remembering your name, nice lady! I remember you talking about being an Eisner judge some previous year and I remember those absolutely ADORABLE handmade book earrings that you had me sign gta 5 cars download ps4. I am still very tempted to make myself some, just to see how much of a pain I’ll bet it is, lol!

PS-Sunday’s panel was a no-go as well downloaden einstellung. The con was, unfortunately, not very well attended this year and, well, it doesn’t look like there’s gonna even be a WoC 2010.

Cruise Holiday 3

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Though, really, I think I’m a lot LESS complicated these days, all things considered.

It’s amazing what total strangers will say to you, though, thinking they’re being funnyand not just weird samsung cashback formulier downloaden 2018. But, then, had he not I wouldn’t have had such prime comic fodder, no? And my complicated coffee orders are a health necessity since I can’t have caffiene and am lactose intolerant solitär kostenlos downloaden windows 10. Trust me, I miss being able to order anything, anywhere.  Those were the days…

Vulkon 5

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Talk about Stranger Danger! You just never know what you’re going to get when you say hello to someone from behind a table.

Please do not misunderstand, I’m not making fun of this guy for having a stroke or for his political beliefs, those are his own and I’m not getting into it, period excel program for free. But, seriously, a simple “my handwriting is kinda rough” would have sufficed. And it wasn’t just him, we had a lot of experiences like this where people hit the overshare button immediately Download the windows 10 operating system for free.