Doctor, Doctor 21

Sneaky, sneaky–but at least I didn’t have to use a bedpan! *shudder*

By the following morning I’d gotten better at being able to unhook and rehook myself (though the compression things were tough since I couldn’t bend real well) herunterladen. Good thing, because just as I’d get comfortable and start to fall asleep, I’d have to get up again. It wasn’t what you’d call a restful night herunterladen.

On the up side, had I not been in the hospital overnight, therefore not being on an IV or being checked on by nurses, I might have ended up back in the hospital before too long perigon herunterladen. Apparently it’s very easy to get pneumonia while recuperating from surgery (something about the anesthesia and lying prone for so long, etc.) and during the course of the night I spiked a fever and they MADE me get up and walk around the halls to try and keep fluid from settling in my lungs (as well as work out the irritation to my diaphragm) suunto daten herunterladen. Plus there was this breathing thing I had to do–sorta like a game where you had to make the ball stay in this one area while you inhale and exhale herunterladen. I hated doing it (because it hurt to breathe deeply) but I kept trying. It took most of a week before I could sustain it (and the rattle to go away when I breathed) apps without a google account. Now I know what they meant by “death rattle” in all those period books!

Doctor, Doctor 20


I still find this absolutely giggle-worthy and, yet, still trust my surgeon completely. This really did happen though I had to improvise the dialogue (being lights-out makes it tough to remember what was said, no?) herunterladen.

Apparently my gall bladder was just lousy with stones, so much so that they were surprised I hadn’t had more trouble leading up to the diagnosis dahoam is dahoam herunterladen. At any rate, first they had to stabilize my BP, then the little sleeve thingy (v.technical medical term) that they put around the gall bladder didn’t want to cooperate (I could have warned them, I guess, I’ve always been a tough fit) and even when it did, the main incision wasn’t big enough to get the packaged bits out movies germany. Even with it enlarged (any more and they really would have had to do a full open incision–v.glad they did not!) it was tough going and then, THEN, the little buggers started spilling out all over the place pflanzen bilder kostenlos downloaden. Dr. L said it was more stones than she’d seen in any one person–guessing 300 or so.


Dude, I had Sparta in my mid-section, and they aren’t known for giving up without a fight kostenlose bewerbung herunterladen.

Doctor, Doctor 19

No swaddling or gentle wake-up this go round! Oh, no, my arms were strapped to boards to keep them out of the way and the pain, oh the pain, that assailed me like a visible force before I even dared open my eyes iphone cannot download images. Seriously, the only thing I could thing was to crawl away from the pain. Only that made it worse.

Now the pain wasn’t from my mid-section, no no herunterladen. The pain was from my right shoulder. Did you know there’s a nerve that runs from your diaphragm to your shoulder? I can tell you _exactly_ where it ends up games for free without registration. It hurt so bad I was half-convinced someone had pulled my arm out of socket moving me from the OR table back to a gurney or something. Turns out it was from the gas they use to inflate the abdomen during laproscopic surgery, it can irritate the diaphram in some patients lg waschmaschine programmeen.

And, yes, I was expected–while in gobs of pain, mind you–to move MYSELF from the gurney to my hospital bed shortly after waking up pushtan desktop. I really thought they’d lost their ever-lovin’ minds on that one. The nurse did say they could move me but that it would hurt more (like it was possible) than if I did it myself herunterladen von bildern aus dem internet.

If you’re wondering why I was put into a room rather than discharged, I should explain. Yes, gall bladder removal is generally done on an out-patient basis but two things made us opt for what they call a 23-hour hold herunterladen.

  1. The carcinoid syndrome brings with it a higher than normal chance that I will react negatively to anesthesia (which I did: they had to stabilize me during surgery because my BP went wonky early on; one of two little snags during the procedure) chrome downloaden voor windows 10 64 bits.
  2. I was also having a liver biopsy while they were in there, to check on some things noted in previous scan results, and there have been cases of folks having a liver biopsy, going home and…just dying herunterladen. (I swear that’s how my surgeon described it to me!) So a night of monitoring was in order, one way or another.

Doctor, Doctor 3

Turns out that once he knew I’d woken up and been moved to a recovery cube, he’d gone to drop off my prescriptions to be filled so we could pick them up on the way home processoren. This made perfect sense, I just wish he’d told someone. Or had his cell phone on. Or, you know, left the bag with my glasses in it with me. But what can you do videoen van youtube android?

So, yes, they wheeled me (who still wasn’t supposed to be talking but, yay drugs!) down the hall to the nurse’s station so I could whisper to Mom that I was fine herunterladen.

One other thing I wanted to mention about this incident before we move on to another vignette, drugs make you think horrible ideas are awesome whatsapp neujahrsgrüße 2020 kostenlos download. Seriously. Case in point:

Because my throat was going to be a bit sore for a week or so, I was on a soft (and cold) food diet. Bring on the puddings, applesauces, popsicles and juices app to videos. Everything had to be liquid. And what wasn’t (like the Vioxx and Darvocet and whatever else that didn’t come in a liquid form) had to be smashed up and mixed into one of the above items (I still have trouble drinking white grape juice thanks to having to dose it with Vioxx every 4 hours) farming simulator 19 download kostenlos. But even as early as the trip home I decided that I couldn’t stand the thought of sweets for a week (yeah, I heard myself) but that I knew what I COULD eat that would solve that: baby food herunterladen.

See, this sounded like SUCH a good idea when I was still processing all those meds in my system. So my husband went and got me a variety of baby foods and that first night I was absolutely convinced that I was a freaking genius kinder musik zum downloaden. (Well, more so than usual.)  Then the morphine wore off. Suddenly I could actually TASTE again and, well, that was enough of that. Don’t get me wrong, the sweet potatoes and some of the other veggies were okay but those meat-ish mushes were, just, no wie whatsapp herunterladen. Luckily, a friend of ours had a child just getting into jarred food and we gave her the unopened containers. But really, never trust as idea hatched within 24 hours of surgery herunterladen.

Doctor, Doctor 2

samsung npo appen

The thing about general anesthesia is that it doesn’t feel like you just took a nap, it feels like you just lost 2 hours of your life! But, you know, despite the fact that I’d just lost those 2 hours or so and had various areas in my throat altered (they removed my tonsils, adenoids, uvula–the hangy thing in the back of the throat–and part of my soft palate) I didn’t think to ask where was I (in post-op) or how everything went (just fine and dandy), no, I wanted my book (Why Girls Are Weird, by Pamela Ribon of because I quickly surmised that this dim room with the mist blowing on me was absolutely not interesting or entertaining so I would need to keep myself occupied for however long it took in standby download.

And the drugs I was on? Didn’t feel a thing. At least not any time soon.