Jello Shots Get Classy

Behold, the lowly Jello Shot. Generally relegated to college parties and other youthful excess, they’re a good way to consume quite a bit of alcohol without realizing just how much herunterladen.

But let’s look at just the Jello for a moment. Gelatin’s been used in a number of quite grown-up recipes for centuries (various meats and veggies in aspic, mousses and the like) and in the mid-20th century became quite the novelty as packaged foods became more popular beluga herunterladen. Now it’s a subject of a few jokes but mostly a kid’s snack, a low-cal dessert or a safe food for anyone with a delicate tummy.

I’m not a big fan of the jiggly gel, mostly from associating it more with the latter of the common uses alle emails downloaden outlook. Still, I did make Jello shots a couple years back for a friends birthday party. It seemed like a good idea at the time but, well… they were horrible power dvden gratis. I made the egregious mistake of using cherry jello and vodka for half the water and they tasted like cough syrup (though it occurs to me that maybe tasting them is not something one is supposed to do) herunterladen.

But in trying to figure out where I went wrong, I found an absolute trove of recipes for rather inventive, and potentially tasty, jello shots. Probably the most comprehensive collection can be found at the site of the Jellophile minecraft spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

In honor of today (July 24) being National Tequila Day I thought it would be fitting to try out the idea of the Margarita Jello Shot. We gave it a few tries, with varying amounts of tequila and other ingredients, and found the following to be the most palatable hintergrund kostenlos herunterladen.

Margarita Jello Shot
(scaled down for small-box size)

3 oz box lime jello
1 c boiling water
3.5 oz cold water
.5 oz lime juice
3 oz tequila
1 oz triple sec

Dissolve the lime jello into the boiling water then stir in the other ingredients lange videos herunterladen youtube. Chill until set.

–Posted by Panthur on RecipeZaar

You can mix up the shots in a large measuring glass with a lip and pour into individual cups (paper or plastic, the latter sprayed with a bit of non-stick spray can help), silicone ice molds or just one large container to be cut up post-chill follow netflix on mac download.

You really don’t want to go over a 3:1 ratio of water to tequila… more than 1 part tequila and your treading into cough syrup territory sport1. We noticed that the lime juice became somewhat opaque in suspension, but it wasn’t overly distracting and, contrary to what I’ve read elsewhere, using a gold tequila (I keep Jose Cuervo Especial on the bar so that’s what we used) did not turn the mixture an olive green.

Apart  from the obvious uses as a party shot, I keep thinking back to the days when jello desserts were a staple at pot-lucks or low-key dinners. Looking through an old recipe card file (Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library, circa 1971) I see there’s a Tomato Aspic ring made with lemon jello–how about updating that for a brunch menu with a bloody mary flair? Need a tropical dessert for a summer barbecue: try some pineapple jello combined with spiced rum and coconut milk, perhaps even served in a pineapple boat!

I’m really into certain kitschy foods (fondue, anyone?) and could totally see myself hosting a dinner party of boozy, throw-back food updated only a little. And I really want to try a pina colada jello shot!

Cinco de Mayo

Ah, yes, the 5th of May. Widely remembered for an occasion to eat tons of Mexican food (cheap and filling, you can imagine the number of such restaurants and how busy they get when you’re in a college town!), drink Corona and Dos Equis and, of course, margaritas affinity publisher herunterladen. Margaritas whose defining ingredient is tequila.

(It also has something to do with the Mexicans defeating the invading French in 1862, but you don’t hear much about that, really alle gegen 1 app herunterladen. Though it’s amusing to note that a local French restaurant is hosting their own Cinco de Mayo celebration… irony or no?)

As much as I love cocktails (including the margarita–on the rocks with salt, please) I’m not much for drinking hard liqueur straight firefox clear for android. On our recent (January, 09) cruise to various places in Mexico, we stopped in at the Tequileria shop in Costa Maya which offers free tastings. I really figured this shop would be lost on me and that it was time to head to the next jewelry store, instead, until some pretty, frosted bottles with pastel liquids inside caught my eye grand theft auto v for free pc.

Hello, Tequipal disney plus op lg tv downloaden. This blend of blue agave tequila, cream and fruit is really very nice served chilled in cordial glasses. I tasted the strawberry and coconut in the shop and liked it enough to purchase the sampler box of 4 small bottles (200 mL each of mango, coconut, strawberry and coffee) for $40 US wie kann ich bilder von picasa herunterladen. Unfortunately it seems like US availability is tough to find, but if you  happen to find yourself in Costa Maya or a similar Mexican port, be on the lookout for this lovely take on a national staple spiele kostenlos herunterladen minecraft.