Working Girl 11

Granted, I work for a very small company and, as the bookkeeper, I pretty much have to “deal” with everyone in one way or another, so it was somewhat pointless to proclaim I was not going to do so any more herunterladen. But it was a nice 2 weeks while it lasted.

When my boss came to my office a few minutes later I started to apologize (to my boss, for causing a scene, never will I apologize to that salesman) and he actually said I had nothing to apologize for chrome kostenlosen deutsch! In fact, the invoice I.S. (Idiot Salesperson) had originally come to me for was approved to wait a day just out of spite. I love my boss. It’s tough, sometimes: I certainly don’t want to go out of my way to help or clean up after I.S foto's downloaden app store. but most of the time it’s in service of keeping the company from looking bad, I.S. just gets to ride on the coattails of my over-riding work-ethic how can I download word 2010 for free.

(and, no, this wasn’t the first time I.S. engaged in rapid-fire double-talk after ignore rules that were made in attempt to keep him in line in the first place… it’s a long, convoluted story with him)

Working Girl 7

I realize now that it seems like these two questions are together when generally they’re separate irritations. It’s the same root issue: businesses that cannot keep their own books straight tipico app herunterladen. Aside from the logo, our invoices and statements look very different from each other yet people still don’t understand the purpose of each or, sometimes, what a running balance represents zh private tax herunterladen. I mean, that was covered in my 6th Grade Living Skills math unit (where we learned about budgets and writing checks properly and all the rest). And these arent’ individuals, these are businesses!! herunterladen! It’s no wonder the economy is where it is when small businesses (and some larger ones) are so shoddily run!

25 Things, 21-22

I try to be fair, though, encouraging the everyone takes a turn idea. Some people, however, insist on ruining it for others when they wedge themselves in where the don’t belong or try to jump the line of traffic herunterladen. Those people don’t get let in if I can help it herunterladen.

22-I type in rhythm to the music playing in my office, reaching almost air-guitar standards of grandeur. Hair metal ballads are some of the best for this, offering the most expressive power chords and so forth from tele 5 mediathek. The best thing about working late or keeping an eye on the front office is that I can turn the music up a bit more and really “rock out.”

Pre-Safe Search

Had to end the month with a Mom story because, well, she’s good for them.

Now, we’re a small company and really don’t have a use for those programs that track employees webuse spiele für handy kostenlos herunterladen samsung. Not to mention the fact that many monitors are way too visible by anyone walking around to do something foolish. But Mom, innocent in the ways of the Web Mom, just blithely entered the word Swingline into the search field and, wow, the things that popped up herunterladen! lol

* * *

Last of the pencils, I promise, unless something untoward happens (like me falling on my right hand. again. the knot on my knee is worse… sigh…) stronghold kostenlosen deutsch. And the book cover is nearly finished so at least the lack of inks are for a good cause!


This actually happened to two checks from that batch: the one to Office Depot and one to our Dental insurer whose home offices both appear to be around Detroit or some such tax return 2019 solothurn. Both were, eventually, returned to us with those perfectly singed edges after both being in a mail truck that caught on fire. Oops! But all of the payment, payor and MICR information was intact so I’ll bet, if they’d tried, those checks would have gone through just fine (the O.D bittorrent herunterladen. check was returned by the post office but the other one actually made it to the vendor after a while). I think we’re going to frame them just because of their novelty zattoo kostenlos herunterladen.

* * *

Unfinished strip, again, but I’ll get caught up this weekend. Just think of this as a peek behind the scenes in the making of the comic herunterladen. Yeah, that’s the ticket…