A Month of Fridays 9


Sure, we sent emails back and forth every day but being in the chat room, even if we weren’t actively chatting, was sorta like being in the same room doing our own things, but together free image editing.

Funny story about Todd’s move: he had to drive the car onto the trailer but, because of how it fit, couldn’t get out of the car once it was up there unless he climbed out the window Do not safari pdf view. And since his car has power windows the window could not then be rolled back up. Good thing it didn’t rain while he was on the road!

Todd’s Bothers, Part 2

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It’s not that either of us are anti-children we just have both chosen not to have any. In fact, we have this ongoing “list” (that one of these days I’m going to have to write down) of reasons NOT to have kids, generally populated by incidents witnessed at one public venue or another (and totally kept in jest; there’s also a very, very small list of reasons TO have kids, in a strictly hypothetical sense) herunterladen. Nor did we leave because of the crying child, we were pretty much done anyway it, we just chose not to linger further over our meals.


But I Didn’t Mind

Another very good example of how good a sport Todd is: I led him in a haphazzard, circuitous route through the Arts District and the Quarter taking pictures of anything I thought might be useful diablo 2 kostenlos herunterladen. For 2 hours. Of course, he SAYS that he doesn’t mind what we do as long as we’re together and, well, doesn’t that just make you go “awwwwwww” photoshop adobe gratisen? Anyway, after stopping for lunch over by the Riverwalk we went to head back to the hotel and I was so very turned around (not surprisingly) that I thought we were miles away from where we were heading (and my feet were starting to hurt); turned out it was all of about 4 blocks, thankfully, but if it weren’t for Todd I probably never would have found the Ambassador again unibet app androiden!

This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com

This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com

First You Have to Find Me

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So, after a few weeks of further chatting, daily emails (often more than one set each) and the occasional phone call we got brave and Spectrum (aka Todd) decided to close the 300-mile gap between us whatsapp neujahrsgrüße 2020 kostenlos download. Of course, best laid plans and all that, he left with plenty of time but hit a snag in the way of a major traffic hold up on I-10 and maybe one other place so that call in panel 1 was actually call 2 or 3 and he was running about 2 hours later than planned app to videos. Fidgety? Me? Yup!

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This relationship brought to you by SoulGeek.com