On the Trail Again

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(yes, we have a theme this week)

Endorphins do not always make one happy… Not only did this guy make the loop faster than I (well, yeah, he was running, still, I wasn’t exactly strolling along), he’s actually using the chin-up bars on the side of the trail around marker 14 free albums. For real! I’ll bet he even knows what those 4x4s laid in rows are for at marker 6 (I think they’re for stretching out hamstrings, but why would you need 3 of them all the same size, then herunterladen?

Into the Woods


Originally I’d planned to go walk on this nice, flat, well-lit track at the local high school but Jen mentioned that she liked the trail at San Luis Park because it was nature and had varied terrain samsung galaxy s6 images. I did not expect varied terrain = shin-burning hills. Sigh… Really, it wasn’t so bad once I found a rhythm and forced a bit of pacing into the mix music legal download flatrate. The iPod playlist helped a lot, too; a mix of Barenaked Ladies, Buck Cherry, Corporate Whore and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe one day I’ll graduate from the 30 minute one to the 60 🙂