Wrath of Con ’09 Part 2

Why, yes, I am a dork!

Y’all, in all seriousness? THIS was the highlight of the Con for me. For all the cons, probably. It’s one thing (and a wonderful thing, at that!) to have my friends and friends of friends reading my comics and telling me they like them. It’s a WHOLE NOTHER THING to have a perfect stranger walk up and say they know my work and that it made them laugh.

Dude. That’s what this is totally all about.

I really need to start writing down folk’s names when I talk to them at shows (note to self) AND taking pictures of fans/customers at the table (another note to self). I apologize for not remembering your name, nice lady! I remember you talking about being an Eisner judge some previous year and I remember those absolutely ADORABLE handmade book earrings that you had me sign. I am still very tempted to make myself some, just to see how much of a pain I’ll bet it is, lol!

PS-Sunday’s panel was a no-go as well. The con was, unfortunately, not very well attended this year and, well, it doesn’t look like there’s gonna even be a WoC 2010.

Wrath of Con 09-Part 1

Okay, I should probably say (public service-like) that’s is generally not the best idea to accept a drink from a stranger, especially if they won’t tell you what’s in it. However, we’re talking one of those huge, field-capacity sports drink containers that everyone, including the offerer, was drinking from so I felt fairly safe from a Jim Jones wanna-be.

And it wasn’t Otter Pops. Which, for those who don’t know, were (are?) a brand of freezer pops that had cute otters with descriptive names printed on the plastic tubes. Originally I was going to have to go to a Dragon*Con party to meet the 2-party minimum to find out the secret ingredient but I can be pretty persistent (and he might have gotten drunk) and I got the real answer. But I’m not telling. Just that Jolly Ranchers were the closest guess I made.

Appearances: Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach

Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach, FL

Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach, FL

Convention season continues and Random Acts Comics (along with Where the Geeks Are) will be at Wrath of Con at the end of May. Now, last year was (I believe) the first year for this Con and, though on the small side, there was a very high ratio of Guests to Attendees and a lot of fun to be had. The hotel (Bay Point Marriott) is very comfortable and we  had a lot of fun while there, last yer, and are looking forward to returning. If you’re anywhere in or around the Florida Panhandle there’s really no reason to miss this Con!

Wrath of Con 6

Okay, so we’d actually left the Con by this time and stopped at an IHOP for lunch before heading home but this sort of thing happens so often that the last-stop-before-parting-ways eating is sort of like the Con after the Con. At least so I’ve heard 😉
I know the 3rd-panel-pause is a bit cliche but it really is how it happened. Sometimes art imitates life, not the other way around!

Wrath of Con 5

I think I mentioned, before, that I really didn’t know who Jerry Doyle was before this weekend, I hadn’t ever watched Babylon 5 or anything like that, but I took in one of his Q&A sessions and found him quite entertaining. Jen and Todd, on the other hand, were B5 fans from way back (well, I suppose that goes without saying). This anectdote probably sums up Mr Doyle’s effect on the weekend.

Wrath of Con 4

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the BBGT Ghost Hunting 101 talk. Just the way he said “not faeries” as he rolled his eyes made me giggle. Quietly. Too myself.

Despite the late start and then the rushing to get everything in, they covered a lot of ground in their talk. I’m sure one of these days I’ll share what happened when we met with them again for an actual Ghost Hunt.

Wrath of Con 3

People watching, the unoffical activity at any Con. Since this was my first I was, perhaps, more aware of other attendees than I would normally be. Not that I’m saying I’m generally self-absorbed (no, really, I’m not…) but I usually don’t let the general masses around me affect me all that much.

In my defense, I’d started the weekend with weird abdominal cramps and a pulled back, so my snarkiness was nowhere near checked at all this weekend. Things did improve, of course, but these early observations might show a tinge of the surly.

Personal Experience Dude: This is the guy who goes to a fairly busy panel with the intent of “connecting” with the talent or presenters and impressing (?) them with their breadth of experience. Dude. We get it. Stop by their table during some other time and have a private chat, don’t attempt to monopolize the Q&A because you want to feel more important to you (or anyone else in the room) are.

The Bobble Head: Now, it’s one thing to be a good audience member, make eye contact and give the occasional affirmative to let the presenter know that he or she is not talking to cardboard cut-outs. But when you’re nodding so much (sitting in the front row, of course) that people start to wonder if your head is attached to your body by a spring, you might be a bit over-enthusiastic. And saints preserve us all from the over-enthusiastic.

Left-Field Questioner: This happened during the Jerry Doyle Q&A (which I went into because there wasn’t anything else going on at the time I was interested–I never watched Babylon 5) and, if I recall correctly, this guy actually admitted to not watching the scifi show but maybe to listening to his radio show? Not sure, but there was a qualifier there that made it even more apparent we were going into left-field territory. But you know there’s one of these in every crowd, doesn’t even have to be at a Con.

Wrath of Con 2

I’ve never really been the fangirl type, mostly because the objects of people’s squee-fection are human beings, first and foremost, and mostly just like everyone else. That being said, those I truly admire I tend to get rather shy around (you’ll see what I mean when I get to Dragon*Con). But I’m totally not above pointing out someone who I recognize from my weekly tv habits as he walks within a couple arm lengths of me. For serious.

Wrath of Con 1

In a decision that’s not at all coincidental, the theme of the next two months is Cons!

Even though I’ve done plenty of trade shows and the like, my first honest-to-goodness geekie Con was last year: Wrath of Con 2008. It’s a fairly small con with a fairly high talent-to-guest ratio and, since it was it’s first year, a few kinks to work out. But it was a good intro to cons in general.