I’ll be at Wrath of Con this weekend.

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No, not as a vendor or artist–I didn’t think this strip was anywhere near scifi enough to fit in–but I do plan on having flyers available and maybe passing some out solidworks student. It’ll be my first Con (yes, really) so might make for some interesting material for later on down the road and, well, it does involve a (brief, 2.5 hours, it’s practically in my backyard!) road trip with both Jen and Todd so anything’s possible questionnaire for free.

Wrath of Con

Banner Delay

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I think I forgot how long it takes [me] to clean up images in photoshop, etc. I decided to redo the logo in the adjusted colors but had done my old image all on one layer (don’t ever do that, btw) so then I was like, hey, sure, great time to redraw it and make some adjustments shein. Ugh. I hate my ideas, sometimes. Lots of time has been spent with the stylus set to eraser and my hand on the undo buttons but it’s closer. Hopefully by _this_ weekend I’ll have the new banners up, etc herunterladen. But, you know, the comic is getting done and that’s what is really important.