Introducing: Random Appetites

For those who don’t know me personally, I have a confession (though not a very scandalous one, to be certain): I’m a foodie, and have been for years… decades even! I used to decorate cakes and even teach the Wilton Method before I very nearly ruined my health at Culinary School (2 years, long hours working my full-time desk job, too) and then spent a very short stint as Pastry Chef of a 4-Diamond Relais & Chateaux resort which will remain nameless (the name’s actually been changed since I worked there, new owners, etc.) before going back to bookkeeping (I had bills to pay, you know?). Even though I’m no longer in Hospitality, I do still enjoy good food and beverages and I’d love to find a way to incorporate that with my newer passion that is webcomics.

Now, Random Acts… is all about my personal reality, and frequently the strips have featured cocktails, parties, food and restaurants either as the main subject or just part of that whole background of life. That’s not likely to change (in fact, it might actually become more frequent, we’ll see). And I have a few ideas for food/comics side-projects to investigate in the future, but they don’t completely fit Random Acts…

All this to say: starting this week, Tuesdays (because Tuesdays generally need the lift) will feature a bite here on the blog that will focus on food, beverages or entertaining called “Random Appetites”. Sometimes it’ll be something personal, others (like this week) will be something newsy that you might not have heard about. Some might actually come with little drawings (but not this week; starting slowly here, folks). As always, I encourage feedback via the comments section or email. And, hey, if you have a foodie question that you’ve always wondered about, go ahead and ask! I just might have the answer…






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