Thinking Out Loud

So, this month I’ll hold my first book in my hands, post my 200th comic, attend my first Con as a vendor and 2 months after that Random Acts… will turn 2 years old. Wow. A lot has happened in the last 2 years and I’m still committed to taking Random Acts… as far as I can.

Also on the horizon are the launch of Where the Geeks Are and Gamma Girl. While secondary projects, they are no less important to me and to Random Acts… as a brand. So this leads me to think, again, about changing things up a bit.

Change? No! Scary!!!

Yeah, I know, but the change I’m thinking of making I think will be in the best interest of this strip and merely involves changing the name. Random Acts Comics is a name I like and a domain I “own” so I’m not going to be getting rid of it any time soon. BUT! Does it really describe this strip? This past year I’ve started using themes for the month, even telling a couple of actual stories along the way and, I have to admit, I liked that lessening of the “random” nature. So we’re a little less random. Instead, I keep thinking of another thing Jen has said about me: [I] really [am] the heroine of [my] own chick-lit novel (paraphrasing because I can’t remember the exact quote). And, not for the first time, it’s got me thinking that maybe “My Chick-Lit Life” would be a more appropriate name for this strip, keeping Random Acts Comics as an umbrella name for my various projects.

There are other reasons to consider the change. First of all, I’m not getting a lot of mileage from having a common phrase as a name–my search engine results aren’t so high and it’s not exactly what people think of when they say random acts of kindness. I’m not always kind here, ya know? Plus, even though I did what I thought was a thorough search before launching in 2007, Random Acts of (fill in the blank) has actually been used for a number of comics, even if most are no longer updating, and blogs and the like. Basically, the name is too common to do me much good.

Secondly, Random Acts… doesn’t really do a good job of explaining the comic’s premise. I’ve developed an “elevator pitch” of sorts but try as I might it’s still pretty clunky and, even then, it still doesn’t pique enough interest. At least with a name like “my chick-lit life” or “this chick’s life” or “the chic[k] life” there’s a definite recognition with chick-lit, chick-flicks, chicks in general that says “about a girl” and, hopefully, “funny.”

Finally, it’s fits in better with the type of branding and merchandise I want to do. Ah, yes, the monetary reasons do weigh in considerably. But the sort of items I want to carry and affiliate with make more sense if I take advantage of some of those stereotypical ideas affiliated with chick-lit and so forth.

Of course, there’s just as much reason NOT to change things at all, and just work with what I’ve got. After all, I do have a readership with this name and, maybe, I’d lose some if the name were more targeted towards women. Guys? What do you think? Would you still read me if the site had some pink on it and had a “chick” title? I need to know these things. Of course, when I think about it I remember a roommate of mine, a former Marine, who freely admitted to reading ‘Cosmo’ magazine and considered it “reading the other team’s playbook.” So there ya go…

Anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, if you have any, and also if you have suggestions on the name I’m willing to take ideas for consideration. If a change happens, the comic will still be available on this site, as the “flagship” of Random Acts Comics and nothing much else would be changing except for a little more focus, a little more cohesion. But sound off in the comments, please!