Appearances: MegaCon

This weekend, February 27 to March 1, is MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and Random Acts Comics will be there! Woo!

Where? Right here…

MegaCon Floor Plan
MegaCon Floor Plan

Table Yellow #6 (the red star in the yellow oval up there) is where you will find me, Todd and my comics for the duration of the event! What will there be to see? Well, let me tell you!

My books arrived yesterday (to much jumping up and down in excitement) so there will be the Year 1 Books (Party in the Handbasket), the print version of my 24-hour comic “Rings on her Fingers”, copies of Satyr #8, 2 minicomics (“Mixology Mini” and “Food of the Blogs”) and some very cute mini martini glasses will be for sale plus we’ll have SoulGeek goodness! SoulGeek is sending a supply of t-shirts and vouchers for a free month of Uber-membership. I’ll also have some info about Where the Geeks Are with me for those who are following the progress of my second project. So come by and say hi if you’ll be in the area!

MegaCon Price List
(all applicable taxes are included in the price to keep my record-keeping simple)

Mini Comics:
$1—-Mixology Mini (8 pages,5.5×8.5, black ink on pink paper, 5 drink-themed comics from years 1 and 2 in a handy, sip-size format)
$2—-Food of the Blogs (16 pages, 5.5×8.5, black ink on orange paper, selections from the Random Appetites blog feature)

$3—-Satyr #8 which features the exclusive “Random Acts… of Autos” 8-page story. This is a show-only price, regular cover price is $3.95.

$4—-“Rings on her Fingers” (24 pages plus cover, 6.625×10.25, color cover, b/w pages–the complete 24 hour comic featured in the November-December 2008 updates)

$5—-Mini Martini glasses–so cute! Limited quantity! (features an olive and “eat your veggies” design)

$10—Party in the Handbasket, Random Acts… Year 1 (80 pages, 8.5×11, color cover, b/w pages, all of the year 1 content plus 10% new content!)

$15+–Year 1 Originals (sizes and materials vary, prices as marked–Most strips from year 1 are in the $20 range, the painted ones are a bit more along with those that I drew really big and so, therefore, are spread over 2 full-size sheets, the ones I did smaller are less.)

Anything that’s left (allow me a bit of hubris in thinking anything might sell out this weekend) will be offerred for sale here at the website once I get back and recover. It’ll be cash-only at the show, I’m afraid, as a mobile credit card set-up isn’t feasible at this point, but I’ll be taking PayPal for Internet orders, so there’s that! Still haven’t decided if I’m comfortable doing sketches yet, or not. We’ll see.