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  • Con Update: MegaCon Day 3

    And it ended much the way it began: not exactly promising. Ah, well, it wasn’t all bad. I got some drawing done, some work on next week’s strips, walked around the Alley and checked out some of the other artists. There was a lot that just wasn’t my thing but there were some fun finds […]

  • Con Update: MegaCon Day 2

    A much better day. It started with a familiar sight: a backlog of cars trying to get parking anywhere near the West Hall. Anticipating the impending hike from the back 40, Todd dropped me off out front and then went to find parking in the nearby (relatively speaking) hotel parking lot, grabbing one of the […]

  • Con Update: MegaCon Day 1

    Thankfully the predicted torrential rains turned out to be more of a steady drizzle when we arrived at the convention center this morning. Also thankful for the fact that we were able to back right up the loading ramp and unload the trunk in the overhang there, not getting wet in the process. Turns out […]

  • Appearances: Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach

    Convention season continues and Random Acts Comics (along with Where the Geeks Are) will be at Wrath of Con at the end of May. Now, last year was (I believe) the first year for this Con and, though on the small side, there was a very high ratio of Guests to Attendees and a lot […]

  • Appearances: MegaCon

    This weekend, February 27 to March 1, is MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and Random Acts Comics will be there! Woo! Where? Right here… Table Yellow #6 (the red star in the yellow oval up there) is where you will find me, Todd and my comics for the duration of the event! What will there be […]