Con Update: MegaCon Day 3

And it ended much the way it began: not exactly promising.

Ah, well, it wasn’t all bad. I got some drawing done, some work on next week’s strips, walked around the Alley and checked out some of the other artists rechtschreibung deutsch kostenlosen. There was a lot that just wasn’t my thing but there were some fun finds that I’ll go through and link to later. Tonight, I’m just plum exhausted ratatouille film herunterladen.

There will be some serious thought given as to whether I’ll return to MegaCon next year. The girls beside me? Did gangbusters all weekend translate herunterladen. They were doing chibi art of popular manga and pop-culture properties. Talking to other artists the story was the same: MegaCon is not the place to try and sell original ideas (unless you’ve got a huge community built already) lg oled tv apps. Still, there were some awesome moments and fun, but mostly with the other artists and we’re all in the same boat.

Looking forward to my first local appearance next weekend, the Bizarre Bazaar at Railroad Square herunterladen. Hopefully the crowd there will be more receptive to what I have to offer. I’ve always done this for the fun, the make folks laugh and look at life a little differently große dateien von youtubeen. But, like most people, I’d also like to be able to make this my business, not just something I squeeze into every available moment. Until that happens I will continue to spend my time, compensated or not, on this and hope that I keep making folks laugh herunterladen.

Con Update: MegaCon Day 2

A much better day.

It started with a familiar sight: a backlog of cars trying to get parking anywhere near the West Hall. Anticipating the impending hike from the back 40, Todd dropped me off out front and then went to find parking in the nearby (relatively speaking) hotel parking lot, grabbing one of the last available spots train simulator zum downloaden. Meanwhile, I wondered where on earth I was going to enter from the lobby (having never really seen the Con from this side) when I spotted Doug Sneyd and his lovely Booth Babe (not what you’re thinking) walking with a sense of purpose vlc media player videos downloaden. I followed them right through the security line.

As we walked I asked how their day was, yesterday, and we chatted about his book doing very well and how accommodating the show organizers were being herunterladen. All good to hear. She also mentioned that the book came with an original sketch inside and he’d even draw you’re profile and add bunny ears if you want them netflix on laptop! Uh, sold! (For those who don’t know the name, he’s famous for his Playboy cartoons–really great stuff! One of our local bars has those sorts of cartoons plastering the walls in the ladies room Convert images to jpg for free. I presume the mens, as well, but I’ve never been in there to check!) I snuck over to their table during an afternoon lull and had a nice chat with the both of them arial narrow kostenlos herunterladen. Just great people.

Unfortunately, my would-be Character Cocktail patrons didn’t make it back to the table today (maybe tomorrow?) but I did get to chat the service up to others who may order later where to download fortnite. I sold a couple of books, a mini and a whopping 5 mini-martini glasses! We’re down to a stock of 2! I’m glad I have more blanks ready to go at home 🙂 A couple of folks from SoulGeek stopped by the table to say hi, it was good seeing them again, and I met a new reader (Hi, James!) who’d flown out from California to attend the show lightroom presets download iphone! Wow! (Not just to see me, of course, he was meeting up a group of Kevin Smith fans, who could be seen roaming the ailses in Mooby gear. Very cool.) I also had some nice chats with other vendors and got some random art done while manning the table zula herunterladen.

Sales haven’t been going like gangbusters, I won’t lie, but I made people laugh today and I think that laughter is slightly more precious than dollars weihnachtsvideos 2019 für whatsapp herunterladen. Too bad my landlord doesn’t agree. As such, I’m hoping to convert a few more browsers to buyers tomorrow.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Pi day. If we were at home I’d be baking a (preferably) square pie. Instead I’ll have to settle for some of the restaurant variety. Also, remember to set your clocks ahead or you’ll be an hour late somewhere.

Until tomorrow!

Con Update: MegaCon Day 1

Thankfully the predicted torrential rains turned out to be more of a steady drizzle when we arrived at the convention center this morning. Also thankful for the fact that we were able to back right up the loading ramp and unload the trunk in the overhang there, not getting wet in the process erweitertes authentifizierungs-plug-in herunterladen.

Turns out our booth neighbors are Tally girls, too. Both students at FSU, they have a webcomic as well but I neglected to get the url today. Oops CV free open office! I’ll fix that tomorrow. Actually, it didn’t seem crucial because we didn’t think our hotel had wifi, seriously hampering our evening productivity samsung galaxy a3 photos. This info has been updated and I am typing from the comfort of our comfy hotel bed. (I know, I know, we’re not the post-con party types.)

Traffic today was slow wie kann ich youtube downloaden. Partially because of the fact that it was Friday and los of folks were still at work/school, partially because the weather was absolutely icky the entire day herunterladen. Still, for a slow day I manged to connect with a few folks, made some people laugh, helped some people out and got some folks interested in getting a Character Cocktail* done, which (hopefully!) will pan out tomorrow herunterladen. It would awesome considering there were absolutely no sales today.

But it’s early days & I remain optimistic.

*What’s a Character Cocktail herunterladen? It’s a custom-made cocktail recipe (alcoholic or non-) that is based solely on you! With the recipe comes a ready-to-frame piece of art with the recipe and a little drawing herunterladen. Price is $30 (includes shipping the art) and the process takes about 2-3 weeks, total, to allow for recipe testing and art creation. All you have to do is fill out a fun little questionnaire so I know who I’m creating the drink for and around downloaden van deezer. Interested? Shoot me an email at randomactscomics[at]gmail[dot]com and we can get the process started!

Appearances: Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach

Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach, FL

Wrath of Con, May 29-31, 2009, Panama City Beach, FL

Convention season continues and Random Acts Comics (along with Where the Geeks Are) will be at Wrath of Con at the end of May von issuu downloaden. Now, last year was (I believe) the first year for this Con and, though on the small side, there was a very high ratio of Guests to Attendees and a lot of fun to be had wie kann man apps herunterladen. The hotel (Bay Point Marriott) is very comfortable and we  had a lot of fun while there, last yer, and are looking forward to returning ts. If you’re anywhere in or around the Florida Panhandle there’s really no reason to miss this Con!

Appearances: MegaCon

This weekend, February 27 to March 1, is MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and Random Acts Comics will be there hair salon 3 for free! Woo!

Where? Right here…

MegaCon Floor Plan

MegaCon Floor Plan

Table Yellow #6 (the red star in the yellow oval up there) is where you will find me, Todd and my comics for the duration of the event audiobooks mp3 for free! What will there be to see? Well, let me tell you!

My books arrived yesterday (to much jumping up and down in excitement) so there will be the Year 1 Books (Party in the Handbasket), the print version of my 24-hour comic “Rings on her Fingers”, copies of Satyr #8, 2 minicomics (“Mixology Mini” and “Food of the Blogs”) and some very cute mini martini glasses will be for sale plus we’ll have SoulGeek goodness app ohne google konto herunterladen! SoulGeek is sending a supply of t-shirts and vouchers for a free month of Uber-membership. I’ll also have some info about Where the Geeks Are with me for those who are following the progress of my second project herunterladen. So come by and say hi if you’ll be in the area!

MegaCon Price List
(all applicable taxes are included in the price to keep my record-keeping simple)

Mini Comics:
$1—-Mixology Mini (8 pages,5.5×8.5, black ink on pink paper, 5 drink-themed comics from years 1 and 2 in a handy, sip-size format)
$2—-Food of the Blogs (16 pages, 5.5×8.5, black ink on orange paper, selections from the Random Appetites blog feature)

$3—-Satyr #8 which features the exclusive “Random Acts… of Autos” 8-page story Office 2016 download microsoft. This is a show-only price, regular cover price is $3.95.

$4—-“Rings on her Fingers” (24 pages plus cover, 6.625×10.25, color cover, b/w pages–the complete 24 hour comic featured in the November-December 2008 updates)

$5—-Mini Martini glasses–so cute thunder herunterladen! Limited quantity! (features an olive and “eat your veggies” design)

$10—Party in the Handbasket, Random Acts… Year 1 (80 pages, 8.5×11, color cover, b/w pages, all of the year 1 content plus 10% new content!)

$15+–Year 1 Originals (sizes and materials vary, prices as marked–Most strips from year 1 are in the $20 range, the painted ones are a bit more along with those that I drew really big and so, therefore, are spread over 2 full-size sheets, the ones I did smaller are less.)

Anything that’s left (allow me a bit of hubris in thinking anything might sell out this weekend) will be offerred for sale here at the website once I get back and recover kann man sich windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen. It’ll be cash-only at the show, I’m afraid, as a mobile credit card set-up isn’t feasible at this point, but I’ll be taking PayPal for Internet orders, so there’s that herunterladen! Still haven’t decided if I’m comfortable doing sketches yet, or not. We’ll see.