So, see, you have an idea and you think, “Oh, yeah, I’ll just go upload that now while I’m thinking about it and deal with it later.” Only, then, you click on the wrong domain’s “WebFTP” link and accidentally overwrite the theme you were using.

Change those ‘you’s to ‘I’s and that’s why the site looks a little different… And wouldn’t you know it, I go and break things just before I leave for a Con where I’m going to now promote my barely-patched-together site. This’ll have to do for now, folks–thankfully Dreamhost keeps a copy of your most recent site pre-upgrade so I had something to fall back on but it’s not the most recent version. Save, folks, save!!!

And, hey, I was going to do a major facelift in 2 months, anyway, I guess I’m just making sure I get it done???