Riding in Cars With Mom 8

Didn’t I say something about a morbid sense of humor last week? I believe I did. I come by my crazy honest.

And a reminder: this is the last week to make a donation to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign at the tWINs link android sprachdateien herunterladen. I’m incredibly thankful to my donors so far but, I have to say, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that more haven’t been able to scrape up a few dollars to help aid cancer research and support super mario. I know, I know, things are tight for everyone and there are many ways to give and many outlets, especially this time of the year. So if you gave elsewhere, thank you for that herunterladen. But if not, please, give what you can, not for me but for your mother, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter or best friend who could be the next diagnosed with this terrible disease herunterladen.

25 Things, 19-20

Laundry is evil, that’s all there is to it. My knee still isn’t right and this happened at least a month ago.And to add injury to injury, the blasted basket cut my ankle to boot winzip kostenlos downloaden!

20. I bruise and scar very easily. I suppose you could say I’m a “delicate flower” but, well, that’s a bit of a stretch ipados herunterladen. Mom says I’m a wimp and she’s probably not far off. My pain tolerance has increased, however! Though maybe that’s not something to necessarily brag about, lol how to cc in sims 4.

25 Things, 18

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To make matters worse I had absolutely no bandages in the apartment and had to go knock on the upstairs neighbor’s door and beg a few. Thankfully I sorta knew her, a little, so it’s wasn’t as awkward as it could have been herunterladen von ard mediathek. Then I went back downstairs and finished the dishes and supper before the husband got home. These days I think I would give up and call for take-out.

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So, see, you have an idea and you think, “Oh, yeah, I’ll just go upload that now while I’m thinking about it and deal with it later.” Only, then, you click on the wrong domain’s “WebFTP” link and accidentally overwrite the theme you were using herunterladen.

Change those ‘you’s to ‘I’s and that’s why the site looks a little different… And wouldn’t you know it, I go and break things just before I leave for a Con where I’m going to now promote my barely-patched-together site server 2019en. This’ll have to do for now, folks–thankfully Dreamhost keeps a copy of your most recent site pre-upgrade so I had something to fall back on but it’s not the most recent version filme herunterladen netflix computer. Save, folks, save!!!

And, hey, I was going to do a major facelift in 2 months, anyway, I guess I’m just making sure I get it done???