Change is Afoot!

Ah, yes, as we come upon the third anniversary of Random Acts Comics it’s time for a little housekeeping.

The biggest change is that after April, 2010, the “Nibbles” and “Sips” blogs will no longer be found at this url. In fact, until the change takes full effect, the April posts will feature a ‘read more’ link to their own domains, to facilitate the change-over to their own pages. All the archives are there and have been for a few months–this change just means that I won’t have to post the same posts in 3 places every week (my two sites as well as Circle of Food).

This also means that I’ll be freer to post more on each topic as the spirit moves. It’s all for the best and I hope you’ll agree. After all, those who do not care for the food or cocktail bits can just follow the comics, while those who aren’t into comics can have the food and cocktail news a la carte! Feel free to bookmark the new domains as well as subscribe to their RSS feeds so you don’t miss anything.

For the time being, Cocktail Hour will still be hosted here but in time I will be moving it over to it’s own domain ( already redirects here) and using Random Acts as a hub for all of my comics-related sites.