MobiCon Wrap-Up

So, we’re back from our 2nd con of the year and I must say I think I prefer the smaller cons like MobiCon to the major media cons like MegaCon. The smaller the con, the smaller the dealer’s room, the more chances of repeat visitors, the more opportunity to have conversations with random con-goers and, yes, the more sales could happen.

It wasn’t a stellar con, sales-wise, but I’m okay with what I did sell. I’m getting a better idea of what is going to work for Cons and what might not, and better ways to focus a table on them. Of course, the next con is DWEX so it’ll be a different crowd so, well, who knows?

Always a learning experience!

I didn’t do a lot of shopping this con but I did pick up a pair of earrings (from a girl whose card I neglected to get) and a Romanti-Goth coloring book from Seraphemera Books. I’m not goth of any kind, but I love the idea of an alphabetical goth coloring book–just need to stock up on some darker shades! I had a great table-neighbor in Professor Tesseract of Gryphon Arrow. It was great to see Aardvark Screenprinting again–they have awesome shirts and Waverly’s smiling face is always a happy sight! We also made a new friend: Miki of LaCourse Studios. She’s got great jewelry–those pictures hardly do her clay-work justice–and if you’re in her neck of the woods (North Carolina) she teaches classes, too!

Finally, I had to great fortune to meet some of the folks from CoastCon! CoastCon 34 will be next March and I’m already making plans to be there and be a part of it. It just so happens that the fine folks from CoastCon (at least the one’s I met) also happen to be a part of Area 504 (warning: flash intro with music, if you have to skip it because you’re at work or something, use this link instead): a group that considers themselves a drinking club with a science fiction problem. How perfect is that?

Sales may not have been astounding, but the people were awesome and that’s why it was a great con.