Just in Time for Holiday Shopping!

Have you noticed the comics shop button over there on the sidebar? Have you clicked it? No? Well, whether you’ve got just a few more folks on your gift list unaccounted for or you haven’t even started, head on over to my eCrater store at


and see if there’s just the thing you were looking for right at your fingertips counter strike 1.6 kostenlosen vollversion deutsch! In addition to the Year 1 book and some book-exclusive original art, there’s also handmade jewelry (all one of a kind) and my mini martini glasses android musik herunterladen. So go take a look!

Speaking of original art, almost all of the strips from Year 1 (May 1, 2007, to April 29, 2008) are available for sale hoe fotos downloaden van iphone. Since it’s going to take a bit of time to add buy buttons to each of those first 90-plus pieces of art, if there’s something you’re interested in, just email the date to randomactscomics@gmail.com and I’ll get right back to you with price and availability (average is $20–a steal!) ego shooter free full version german pc.

And, finally, if anyone is wondering what *I* want for Christmas, well, I’d love a fully-funded status for What to Feed Your Raiding Party herunterladen. If you’ve read about the project and thought ‘hey, that sounds cool’ or even ‘I’d buy it’ please consider making a pledge this month towards it becoming a reality android sprachdateien herunterladen. There are plently of pledge levels and each comes with it’s own reward. The most popular seems to be the $30 level which includes getting a recipe named after you (or one of your gaming characters or even after a friend or relative who’d find it really cool to be in a cookbook!) but it’s certainly not the only way to go; $7 gets you a pdf copy of the book, $12 a physical copy and $22 an Artist’s edition–it’s like a discounted pre-order on steroids (but without all those negative side effects) super mario.

Introducing “What to Feed Your Raiding Party” a Comic Book Cookbook

Intrigued? I certainly hope so! I’ve got a new project on the horizon and, frankly, it could use your help.

Kickstarter.com (in case you’re not familiar with it) is a site that allows creators of various sorts to propose a project, set a fundraising goal and accept the pledges of backers for a certain period of time to, hopefully, fund the project so that it can become a reality herunterladen. If the fund goal isn’t reached, no one pays a thing, but if the fund goal IS reached, the pledges are collected (via Amazon Payments) and transferred to the creator who can begin (or continue) work on their project.Kickstarter is BIG into rewards, so each pledge level comes with some sort of thank-you involved whatsapp download op ipad for free.

What to Feed Your Raiding Party is accepting pledges for the next 2 months herunterladen. What it is, is half comic book, half cookbook, written with a definite slant towards gamers, geeks and lovers of our particular type of pop-culture. My goal is to raise enough funds to cover a print run of 250 as well as the time and materials involved in creating the 150-page book (50-75 recipes and 60 or so pages of comics) h├Ârtest herunterladen. There are more details over on the project page, including a complete list of rewards that span private project updates to copies of the book to getting a recipe named after you to original art and more magazines for free.

Obviously, backers willing to pledge any amount are needed but if you can’t do that, consider passing around the link to your friends, posting it on any forums that gamers and geeks hang out on and talk up the project as much as possible–that’s just about as important as money as the more people find out about this project the more chance I have of reaching my goal, being able to start work on the project, get it printed (that’s the big thing!) and have it available for folks to use spiele kaufen herunterladen.

Feedback is always welcome & I hope you like this concept as much as I do! Also, while you’re at Kickstarter, check out some of the very awesome projects over there that you might be interested in being a part of gta duration.


Dragon*Con 2

I didn’t make it to many panels this convention but the ones I did had a disturbing trend towards Q&A instead of moderated discussions/presentations among the panelists wo kann man serien kostenlos downloaden. And it’s not just me, I heard this from a few others as well. Maybe I’m just not down with the whole panel thing? Not sure, but give me a presentation or discussion BEFORE going into Q&A, please herunterladen!

For precisely the reason illustrated above, of course. I swear, for a panel titled “We Don’t Need No Superheroes” the talk (totally Q&A, of course) was entirely ABOUT superheroes usenext ssl-verschl├╝sselung zumen verwenden. It was _supposed_ to be about other comics genres and so forth, and there were a couple of attempts to steer the convo that way, but when every question is “why are superheroes so pervasive in the United States markets” and others (I recorded the panel so the above example really was the last question asked) it’s tough to stay on track russian music kostenlos.

I’m in Print!

Oh, y’all, I’ve been waiting for months, until I had a copy in my chilly little fingers (cold hands, warm heart… or something like that), and I’m proud to announce my first ever print credit:

Satyr #8 by Main Enterprises features an exclusive 8-page story (no, it’s not online anywhere and no, it won’t be in the Year 1 book, so this is the only place you’ll see it) from yours truly wie kann man in iphone musik herunterladen! “of Autos” (aka Racing Cars) offers some insight into my relationships with automobiles. And even though I serious despise drawing vehicles, it was a fun project to do and I look forward to doing more stories for Satyr minecraft herunterladen downloaden.

Satyr #8, Cover by Dan Taylor

Satyr #8, Cover by Dan Taylor

Now, I have a few copies that I plan to make available for sale at MegaCon and any that are left over I’ll offer here, but if you’re not planning on being at MegaCon or you want your copy sooner, Jim and Main Enterprises will be happy to sell you one (or more!) publisher kostenlos chip. There’s also some other really fun strips in there but keep in mind it does tend toward the more mature comics reader–there really are naked boobs toralarm downloaden!

I’m on Vacation!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve run away and am floating away in the Gulf of Mexico for 8 days, starting right about now. As such, comment approval may be a little bit slow (but don’t stop leaving them, I promise I’ll check in periodically) and next week’s comics might be creatively delivered with vlc player videos. I’ll post something, but the ship’s connection speed might determine whether it’s uploaded per usual or a picture in the blog post. But I’ll post something, I promise windows schreibprogramm kostenlos downloaden.

This vacation is sorely needed and will, hopefully, rejuvenate me (and Todd) for the year ahead–it’s gonna be a busy one! First up, at the end of February is MegaCon and I’ll be there, in Artist Alley at table Yellow #6 (I swear I feel like a food dye everytime I say that) wie kann man toca hair salon 3 kostenlosen. There will hopefully be other convention appearances to announce, but nothing is firm yet so watch this space, as it were. Second, the Year 1 book is very near completion herunterladen. My hope is to have it for the Con, that’s the goal, but if not, it’ll be available through me or various other spaces. More concrete news when I can give it to you halloween pictures to. Oh, and did I mention I’m starting another strip? I am! It’s scheduled to launch after I get back from vacation and will be hosted over at SoulGeek webcomics icons kostenlos ico. More on that when I have a link to share. Finally (or so it would seem), I’ve entered myself into Dimestore Productions Small Press Idol with a project that’s been in my head for about a year and a half herunterladen. I’ll be sure to post more when the first round goes live and you can see what things come from my head when I start thinking fiction!

So, is that enough winterbilder hintergrund kostenlosen? Maybe? Well, that only takes me through the frist half of the year, who knowns what July will bring!