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  • Foodie Resolutions

    It’s that time of year, folks, when we look back at the year that was (and wonder where it went so quickly!) and contemplate the year ahead (and what we’re going to do differently). As much as I dislike the word “resolutions”–it sounds so official and ominous and unyielding–it is what most people call their […]

  • Random Appetites: DeFuniak Adventures

    Last week I extolled the virtues of Chautauqua Winery, now you get the rest of the story. Since Chautauqua doesn’t sell through retail outlets and it was only a couple of hours away, a there-and-back trip certainly wasn’t out of the question to restock. But, if it’s only a couple hours away, why not make […]

  • Random Appetites: Trader Vic’s Mai Tai

    And back to the booze! Well, sort of… While at Dragon*Con 2008 Todd and I had dinner at Trader Vic’s. Let me tell you: it was phenomenal! What we had: Shared Appetizer: Cosmo Tidbits (BBQ Spareribs, Cha Sui pork, Crab rangoon and crispy prawns) Shared Starter: Bongo Bongo Soup Todd’s Entree: 20oz Ribeye Jenn’s Entree: […]