Back to the Comic!


Look, I know I said it’d be a few months, then it became a year and, now, two. Obviously I didn’t have a clue what getting that book put together would entail. Well, I’ve got one now, mainly because it’s finally finished, in print, in people’s hands, and even in my local comics shop.


Which means, simply put, that now I can get back to making the comics that started me on the path to the book in the first place!

With one small change.

See, for years I’ve had a mirror to this site over on Now, however, is going to be the home of Cocktail Hour, and Random Acts Comics, here, will be the hub for the various comics projects going forward. All of the existing archives will be here (no sense screwing with the links already formed, right?) but all new Cocktail Hour strips will be found at

Think I’ve said that enough?

Where the Geeks Are is coming back, too, a fact that a handful of the faithful will be happy to hear (judging by the ‘are you ever coming back’ type of comics I’d get from time to time). And if you hop over to tomorrow you’ll see they got their own “we’re back” treatment. will also be where I post comics business related stuff–so if you’re interested in the occasional behind-the-scenes, peek-behind-the-curtain information, this is where you’ll be able to find it.

For those of you who still have me in your RSS feed subscriptions, bless you. Thanks for hanging in there and believing (rightfully so!) that I’d be back.

Road Block: I Need a Week

Wow. Something occurred to me around lunchtime today (Monday, December 14, 2009): I was dreading the prospect of facing my drawing table tonight. Whoa! That’s never happened before. And I have this week’s comics planned (though not yet drawn) so it’s not so much writer’s block as just complete and utter creative fatigue.

Sure, I’ve got a lot on my plate, but that’s nothing new. Yeah, I didn’t get any pencilling done on Sunday but that, too, isn’t exactly earth shattering. And despite things going fairly steady in the way of pageviews and so forth, I feel like I’m facing this humongous brick wall and cannot find my sledgehammer or ladder.

So I’m taking a week off from both comics, totally without warning or planning, and while I hate to do it (because I’ve never been that type of artist before and don’t plan to make it a habit as some do) I think I need to do this or risk worse next week or next month. I know I took an announced, scheduled break earlier this year and I’m thinking that I might actually consider some planned breaks for the next calendar year. Like a week off every 6 months. Chances are good I’d still be working on comics-related items (and, at least this week, I want to do some brainstorming on some upcoming things) during these breaks but I think it’s going to happen and I think the overall work I put out will be stronger for it.

I hope you’ll understand and not hate me for this. I love knowing what I post makes people smile or outright laugh and I have so many stories left to share that I don’t have any intentions of ending these comics any time soon. It’s just, I’m human, and I need a week.

We’ll be back to business as usual on the 22nd.

Hiatus: June 1-14, 2009

*ting ting ting ting* May I have your attention? Yes, I have a bit of an announcement to make: Cocktail Hour will be going on hiatus for 2 weeks beginning June 1st.

Why? Well, the fact that I haven’t really taken a break in 2 years (not even when I had my gall bladder removed) is a big part of it but more to the point I moved a month ago and just today stopped storing my unmentionables in a suitcase! I need a bit of breathing room to unpack my Studio, help Todd organize the rest of the house and meet a print deadline. Where the Geeks Are will be taking a similar break after the 2nd (a 3-update hiatus in that case because there’s a natural break in the storyline).

The Monday and Friday blog features will not be updated during that time but I will be posting some “best of” material from the past 2 years for the 6 regularly scheduled comic updates. Unless, that is, I get some fan art or guest comics to run in their stead (hint hint big-freaking-hint) 😉 I look forward to returning on the 15th with a clearer conscience and organized background, not to mention being able to move forward with some additional features that I just haven’t had the time to implement, yet. Big things are still on the horizon, folks, I just need a breather to make them all happen.

Thanks for understanding and I hope you’ll enjoy a trip down memory lane when next month begins.