A Month of Fridays 9

Sure, we sent emails back and forth every day but being in the chat room, even if we weren’t actively chatting, was sorta like being in the same room doing our own things, but together.

Funny story about Todd’s move: he had to drive the car onto the trailer but, because of how it fit, couldn’t get out of the car once it was up there unless he climbed out the window. And since his car has power windows the window could not then be rolled back up. Good thing it didn’t rain while he was on the road!

A Month of Fridays 2

Anyone need a good accountant? Seriously? Though Todd did find a job in Florida (well, okay, he actually commuted TO Cairo, Georgia, but that’s a whole ‘nother story) they were closed down a few months ago by the parent company. Such is life, right?

Still, even though the circumstances were not optimal, it was nice to have him around a little more, to have someone to come home to. I love living my life on my terms, but it doesn’t still mean I wouldn’t like someone to talk over the day with. And chat rooms and telephones can only go so far!

For the Vegas strips, start here (Vegas, Baby, Vegas 1)

Vulkon 6

Not that that was going to stop Dino from telling the SoulGeek story–even 1 person at a time! We gathered one or two others before our time was up, but it was still a turnout indicative of the convention as a whole (lots of already paired-ups at this Con, not our prime demographic, you know?).

And this wraps up the 2008 Con covereage here at Random Acts…!

Vulkon 3

And that’s pretty much how “Where the Geeks Are” came to be. He asked, I regretfully said no, then I got an idea that was too good not to do. Isn’t that always the way?

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy working with the story for ‘Geeks’ and I was honored to be asked to create something for SoulGeek, it just meant that some of my other projects got pushed a little farther down the to-do list.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 6

Now, it’d have been one thing if we were being unruly, if we’d camped out and never ordered anything or if there’d been a line waiting for tables but none of those things were true. Between what I know was spent in the initial lunch orders, what I can guess at from orders that continued to trickle in as people came and went (those fishbowl drinks were $30 each!) and what I personally spent on the attractions and in the giftshop, that $1000 is a conservative estimate. But it does make for a bit of irony, no? A bunch of geeks getting kicked out of Quarks?

The Hilton has since closed down the Star Trek Experience but rumor has it that it will reopen somewhere else.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 5

The full story of how SoulGeek came to be is actually quite touching and a lot more involved than my little summation in panel 3. To read about the events that led to it’s creation, check out the Story of SoulGeek.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 3

Our first event was a meet-up at this place in the Excalibur called Dick’s. Have you ever heard of or been to a Dick’s Last Resort? Well, we certainly hadn’t. All Todd really knew is they said they could accomodate our group with no problem. The somehow managed to not mention the fact that the volume on your average Friday night precludes anything but shouted coversations. Oh, well, we managed.

The hats are, apparently, a specialty of Dick’s, as are the less than pc or otherwise cordial sayings they feature. Another interesting facet of Dick’s? (aside from the bras hanging above the bar, of course) Throwing crumpled napkins at people, preferably landing inside the hats themselves.

Luckily, a bunch of us had met for dinner at a restaurant on the other side of the Excalibur’s massive casino and had gotten many of the initial introductions out of the way. I wasn’t exactly jet-lagged during this trip, but I was tired by this point (we’d made several trips over that bridge between the two hotels, too), so much so that I left my camera in the room and only had a few pictures on my camera phone. The camera phone that crashed shortly after this trip and took the pictures with it. Thankfully, Todd was able to  help me recreate these 3 examples of Dick’s hospitality.


Oh, and before I forget. This is the official 200th comic here at Random Acts… Wohoo! There’ve actually been 223 “comic” posts, but 23 have been filler or bios or in some way not really strips (mostly from year 1, too, this year there haven’t been many at all) so I don’t count those for this sort of thing. Thanks for hanging in for over 200 various updates. I raise my martini glass in your honor, here’s to the next several hundred being even better!

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 2

The official hotel for the meet-up was the Tropicana, one of the older hotels on the Strip but comfortable enough. People were scattered all over the place, though, with some taking advantage of timeshares, nearby family or just other hotels. Did you know February is the one of the busiest months for conventions in Las Vegas? Yeah, neither did we until the plans had already started πŸ™‚

Vegas is one big optical illusion. Because of the exaggerated size of the hotels and signs you look down the street, see your destination only on the next “block” and decide to hoof it. Very quickly you realize that a block on the Vegas strip is nothing like anywhere else in the country. The Excalibur faced us and was where we met for dinner that first night, but even crossing the street requires 2 flights of stairs and a foot bridge!

Hence, tired tootsies came up early that afternoon. Another reason for the shopping trip? When the guys dropped us (me, Juli and ‘Hawk’) at the shoe store to go find more manly windows to shop we got to find out the details on Hawk & Bat’s big night out. What, us, gossip? Pshh. πŸ˜‰

(note to Bat: no worries, nothing scandalous was revealed)

Vegas, Baby, Vegas 1

I’m going a little out of order, here. While Wrath of Con was my first real, geek Con there was, in February 2008, a little jaunt to Vegas that sorta kinda almost counts as a Con. At least to those of us who were there.

See, SoulGeek had started in the Summer of 2007, and by Fall things had started to get busy in the chatrooms and forums. A group of chat regulars came up with the idea to have a get together in Vegas in February, totally on their own. Well, when Dino found out about it he decided (as he put it) “Well, Maybe I should go to this thing.” We had about 20 or so soulgeeks from across the World (seriously, one guy was on leave from the Marines and he’s stationed in Japan, so literally around the World) converge on Vegas.

‘Kaze’ (Juli from WickedUnscripted.com) is just a total ball of energy from moment one and she really did say that as we walked up. It was kind of embarrassing but, hey, who am I to turn down a spontaneous compliment?

Like me, Kaze and Lev had come from the East Coast. If my flight hadn’t been slightly delayed (I think it was like half an hour) we probably would have been back at the hotel and having lunch by the time they called us. Todd had come in the day before to be on hand for whatever pre-event planning needed to happen and had rented a car (minivan) so could play taxi and so forth for the weekend. It came in quite handy.

Sharing the ‘Geek Love

With Valentine’s Day having just passed and many still feeling the love (or lack thereof), it’s no surprise that SoulGeek is finally getting some well-deserved notice among the geek media. Now, we all know I’m a fan of SoulGeek (or did you, somehow, miss all of September’s comics?) and SoulGeek has been very good to me, both personally and professionally. As such, I’m hoping you, my friends and readers, will check out the articles that are linked below, pass them around and give them the attention they, and SoulGeek, deserve.

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