The Naughty & Nice Party

Also known as a Heaven & Hell or Angel & Devil Party, this style of Valentine’s Party is a good way to bring both couples and singles together in a fun, low-pressure environment and have a little fun sims 4 free download pc.

Invitations will ask the guests to come as either angels or devils. Now, depending on your friends this could mean anything from a halo or a pair of horns to fabulous costumes or even just wearing white and pink versus black and red ls15 mods download for free. As long as they get into the spirit, it can be fun. Having some spare halos and horns (both very easy to construct if the party store isn’t helpful) is a good idea, though, for those who “forget” to embrace the theme design per 5 for free.

Party rooms are to be divided in half–one side for Heaven, one side Hell, the former decorated in pastels and white and the latter decorated in bold shades of red and black netflix appen op laptop. Colorful masking or painters tape is good for creating the dividing lines to keep it simple or you can go all out with spliced tablecloths, rug covers and sofa throws blender 3d downloaden. Don’t restrict the decorations to the living room, either, feel free to divide any room your guests might wander into.

Potential foods for the angelic side of the table would be anything white, fluffy or sweet automatisches herunterladen pdf. Angel food cake, marshmallows, finger sandwiches, hummus & pita chips would all work well along with steamed dumplings, beggar’s purses and chicken salad puffs; all served on doilies or course paint für mac herunterladen. For the other side of the table, everything dark and spicy and decadent should be piled high on industrial looking serving-ware. Dark chocolates, devil’s food and red velvet cupcakes, deviled eggs (consider adding some onion skins to the boiling water and cracking the shells around before draining them to get a wicked-looking marbled effect), spicy shrimp on sugar cane skewers, meatballs in chili sauce… you get the picture kostenlose musik zum.

One other idea, and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination: the party I attended of this sort had 2 colors of plastic cups and the instructions were given that single folks were to use the blue cups and those in a relationship or otherwise unavailable to use the red ones hochzeitsmarsch kostenlos downloaden. What a great idea for eliminating the guessing in such a charged situation! Granted, if you didn’t want to use plastic cups at your party, wine glass charms in 2 distinct designs would work just as well herunterladen.

This sort of shindig doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s Day, but it is as good an excuse as any!

Sharing the ‘Geek Love

With Valentine’s Day having just passed and many still feeling the love (or lack thereof), it’s no surprise that SoulGeek is finally getting some well-deserved notice among the geek media herunterladen. Now, we all know I’m a fan of SoulGeek (or did you, somehow, miss all of September’s comics?) and SoulGeek has been very good to me, both personally and professionally adobe flash player gratisen ipad. As such, I’m hoping you, my friends and readers, will check out the articles that are linked below, pass them around and give them the attention they, and SoulGeek, deserve pdf dateien herunterladen ipad.

Fall in Love in February, Episode IV from
direct digg link here

Geeks Gettin’ Lucky dj musik player kostenlos downloaden? from Geeks of Doom
direct digg link here

G4TV’s Olivia Munn and her Super Geek’s Valentine’s Present (video)
direct digg link here

Holiday Headaches, Part 1

(it’s the last week of Peeves, Irritations and Observations month here at Random Acts… so I thought it best to end with some Holiday occurrences since that season is definitely upon us; have you enjoyed this months strip media player download kostenlos deutsch? let me know in the comments!)

I’m sure everyone has espoused or encountered this rant at least once in their lives, it just struck me as odd that within a few years of each other these 2 guys said essentially the same things mp3 songs youtube. My economics professor delayed the start of class that day for at least 20 minutes while he ranted to us about the commercial nature of the “holiday” and how it meant absolutely nothing herunterladen. (This was not the first such outburst, of course. The previous Fall–I had him for both Macro and Micro–he cancelled an 8am class because the majority of us had not yet voted in that days elections.) My co-worker, on the other hand, tried to plead his case with us ladies at the office about how it was so very unfair that his girlfriend (now his wife, so I guess they managed to come to an understanding) be put out because he didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s day (citing the requisite commercialism, etc.) zdf mediathek posts.

Guys (because it’s usually the guys), listen: it doesn’t matter if YOU don’t give two pins about a holiday’s (anniversary’s, birthday’s etc.) validity, if SHE does, then you SHOULD do something to commemorate it (or suffer the consequences) herunterladen. Despite how commercial a holiday might be or how lacking in sentiment it has become, these days that are set aside for the appreciation of one thing or another are a chance to really shine in your gal’s eyes kik messenger herunterladen.

Life is busy and it’s phenomenal if you remember to tell or show how much you care about someone every day. But for the vast majority of humanity the day-to-day, rat race of existence takes precedence over some of the niceties of romance and appreciation spotweb nzb. Valentine’s Day, for example, is the day to remember what you see in him or her and why you spend your available time with that person. Take the opportunity and make the most of it lustige videos whatsapp herunterladen! (and no, coming home with flowers from the corner store after you’ve ranted to your partner about how meaningless it all is is NOT going to instantly redeem you… so don’t get put out then when she doesn’t fall on you in glee with a thousand kisses for begrudgingly doing the bare minimum)

Bottom line: if you love someone, you probably love making them happy, right bingokaarten dead 90 download? Well, if celebrating every little holiday, anniversary and birthday in the book makes your partner happy, why WOULDN’T you want to do it?