Thanks for Your Support

Breast Cancer is one of those really scary things that looms on the horizon of many women’s lives it chapter 2. Thankfully, my family hasn’t been directly affected by this terrible disease, but friends have, and that’s close enough to make a girl think twice 8 ball pool download.

I can’t even imagine what it was like for twins Sarah and Elizabeth, knowing that every woman on their mother’s side of the family had been diagnosed with breast cancer 3d brush app herunterladen. They made a tough, but proactive, decision to have bilateral prophylactic mastectomies in their 30s to avoid the diagnosis for themselves. These brave and smart women are the co-captains of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team I’ve recently joined where to download warzone.

The Walk is on October 25, 2009, (just over a month away as of this writing) and I’ve set a fundraising goal for myself of $250.00, which is a lot, but I know with the help of my readers I can make it herunterladen! Even though donating to this truly worthy cause is worth it alone, I’ve decided to add an incentive to any of my readers who donate a minimum  of $10 using this link:

See that image of Scraps herunterladen? I’ll be sending out limited-edition, signed and numbered, hand-pressed (4″x5″ print area) screen prints of that image (colors may vary–I’m actually thinking pink ink on tan paper, but you get the point) to anyone who makes a donation through my page, then sends me an email at with your name and address as it appears on the donation (which means I don’t think you can make it an anonymous donation because I’ll have no way to verify it) telekom rechnung herunterladen. The prints will go out closer to the walk as the print run will be determined by how many people donate, but don’t wait! My little progress meter is all the way empty and I’d love to see it move sooner than later microsoft word fehler beim herunterladen der vorlage!